Don’t shoot the messenger, Koch is much more descriptive. Marc actually loathes all of them. At which point in time, he takes us back to before it happened, to his family’s summer holiday in which much will be revealed about himself, his friends, and what led to the charges. Actually, he’s a pretty reprehensible human being. It made me like the book more. Let me sum it up right here. This isn’t a spoiler; it’s in the Goodreads blurb.

All I can say about this book is it’s like not being able to turn your head away from a gruesome accident. I do not write reviews often but I feel compelled to point out that I did not finish this book. If I’d been in that position I might have reacted the same. He is also not attractive. Koch really lik Lionel Shriver knows a little about nastiness. Koch was born in Arnhem, and later moved to Amsterdam.

Marc Schlosser is a general practitioner who caters mostly to artists – writers, painters, comedians, actors – mostly because of his office hours.

Preview — Zomerhuis met zwembad by Herman Koch.

Nowadays he is married to the Spanish Amalia, and has a son, Pablo zomethuis Lists with This Book. But given time, I discovered that the author wrote with strong description and a good dose of subtle humor.

Marc Schlosser, who tends to an elite bunch of celebrities despite his cynicism and partially due to his generosity with prescriptions. And if he can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. What a nasty story. View all 10 comments. He doesn’t have to heal people, he only has to make sure they don’t sidestep him and make it to the specialists and the hospitals. What did bother me was when characters did unrealistic things or failed to do things that most people even despicable ones would have done.

There is damning evidence against Marc, but he isn’t alone in his loathing of the star-studded director. Up for sale for six months and it’s still vacant. One guy hangs around naked, even in front of teenage girls, grossing out even our narrator.

Unpleasant from the start. The pacing, the plot, the development of granted, unlikeable characters, and the need to know the outcome kept me reading when I really should have been sorting socks – or at least loading them in the washing machine. His novels are peopled with pretty vicious characters who are all the more dangerous for their ability to avoid punishment and blend into society: Here are two questions to sit with from “Summer House with Swimming Pool”: I would read and read and wonder WHEN any of this would happen.


He actually hates everyone except his two daughters. Marc and Stanley both had their secrets.

It’s bloody genius writing. Marc and Stanley both had their secrets. This follow up is almost as good and although it dragged a little midway it certainly made up for it in the latter sections.

Marc heef juist gehandeld.

You can’t have thin zomedhuis when you’re putting zoemrhuis work out in the public, right? Marc Schlosser is forced to conceal the error from his patients and family. Michelle I think he was intimate with her to keep her quite. Jan 16, Cindy H. He told Ralph not to worry. Ralph’s death, like his cancer, has grown organically from a tangled web of events, p,ot centered at Ralph’s vacation home. It’s an odd mix, and Marc isn’t always enthusiastic about domineering Ralph’s ways — always ordering for everyone at restaurants, leaving Marc hungering for some real meat instead of the constant diet of seafood, or Ralph’s insistence on dragging them to out-of-the-way beaches — but the girls have fun and get along with the Meier-boys.

The esteemed doctor in this book doesn’t take much time before he reveals his true self, his total disregard for his patients, and his self-centered disregard for those he is supposed to protect.

Summer House with Swimming Pool

Thanks for telling us about the problem. And while Zomeryuis don’t mind unlikable characters much, Koch seems to be working awfully hard to push the reader away. I mean seriously, what kind of parents continue to enjoy breakfast and shopping if they have any suspicions that their children could be in danger. He begins treating a semi famous actor and they develop a quasi friendship outside of the office.


Zomerhuis met zwembad by Herman Koch (page 5 of 50)

Maybe, zwemhad I do mean a tiny maybe, MAYBE this could have been more entertaining for me had this been written as a novella. I am glad I am not a patient of Dr Marc Schlosser and equally glad that I’m not his wife or one of his daughters! Next, we have Ralph Meier, a fun loving but grossly obese actor with an evil eye for the too young ladies who becomes violently scary at times and zwembac no sha.

Combining ‘Zomerhuis met zwembad’. At the heart of this story is the distinction between private and public, between what we must keep to ourselves and what we can share.

Zomerhuis met zwembad

This is the type of book that a person like myself enjoys because I don’t always like happy endings. Will it leave you feeling good or even remotely satisfied? This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [What zzomerhuis you think happened to Judith? Every single character in the book has a part to play and as with The Dinner none of them are particularly likeable.

Summer House with Swimming Pool – Herman Koch

Convinced of their moral and immoral codes, they nevertheless don’t seem particularly far removed from societal norms; certain actions go beyond the pale and the lawbut can seem more mwt less justified — in the heat of the moment, certainly. Koch is just a daggum great writer. Wow, Koch is unbelievable. Zomerhuis met zwembad by Herman Koch. But too much of it. The beginning of the book is really strong, as we sit wide-eyed inside the head of a sociopath. Nowadays he is married to the Spanish Amalia, and has a son, Pablo It was a complete waste of time.

Not really fair review, but this is the type of book I have to be in mood for the weirdness!