As also featured in the interview, Pan Wei herself teaches needlework at the school. With the massive online attention for this case, it might not take too long for more facts to surface on the case. Looking back now, Muyi was also still young at that time, so I told him that if he did not want me to get hurt in the future, he should just marry me. Zhang has no evil intentions. On September 11, , Miki will turn 18, and it will be ten years since we first met. The courses that are taught at the school have specifically attracted the attention of online commenters. We have been lied to.

Age does not matter, personality does, and Muyi is a better man than most Westerners. The plagiarism allegation case has become a major topic of discussion on Chinese social media this week. Both loved music, that brought them together. The heated discussions on Chinese social media focused on the doubted academic qualification of the school and its teachers, as well as on the intentions of Pan and her husband to send the children to such an institute. Better to be in a healthy relationship with someone of different age than in a toxic one with someone close in age. Watch the video of the controversial interview with Pan with English subtitles here: Canadian singer-model Akama Miki may be only 12 years old, but Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi, who is twice her age at 24, claims they are in love and that it is not a publicity stunt.

Akama Miki & Zhang Muyi: 24-Year-Old Chinese Singer Reportedly Dating 12-Year-Old Child Model

He is even above me! For a century we have been told age difference is wrong, especially if the woman is younger. Amidst all controversy and analyses, many netizens just jokingly say: The truth is otherwise. Tanzim Adel Choudhury April 22, at The plagiarism allegation case has become a major topic of discussion on Chinese social media this week.


When Zjang was 8, I met Muyi and he was my music teacher; teaching me how to sing and teaching me self-confidence.

year-old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi professes love for year-old Canadian Akama Miki

Hu, Guangwei and Jun Lei. If that weren’t creepy enough, Muyi admitted he will be watching the prepubescent Canuck mature with bated breath. Published 2 weeks ago on February 13, For akxma, the Xuzhou Education Department has stated that they will further investigate the matter. We have been lied to.

Yahoo Canada Original Videos. The courses that are taught at the school have specifically attracted the attention of online commenters.

The wedding announcement prompted a wave of reactions. The fundamental reason for this is that there is an unequal power mugi between teachers and students, which makes it difficult to speak of an equal and truly harmonious connection between two people. This independent news site is managed by sinologist Manya Koetse.

China Insight 1 week ago. According to Chinese law, children must attend primary and junior secondary school for at least nine years in total.

Now, Zhai, again, is at the center of attention: As early asthe Ministry of Education implemented various policies to combat academic misconduct, defining it as an act of academic dishonesty that is punishable, but the problem is still widespread Kai About Zhang and Miki, one commenter writes: I wish good luck to zhahg couple.


Muyi and Miki have been acquainted for some time, as Muyi became Miki’s music coach when she was 8. She replied to Zhang, saying: The test result revealed that of the words used in the paper, that was published last year, words were copied from other texts, indicating a I could talk to Muyi about everything. See them touch fingers! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Steve April 12, at Others suggest that this whole scandal would make an excellent topic for another TV drama, starring Zhai Tianlin, doing what he does best: Please let us know in comments akmaa or email us. Zhang has no evil intentions.

According to MSN, the duo has recently been exchanging love letters and posting photos of themselves together see Miki pinch Muyi’s cheek! Muyi responded with the message, “I simply can’t wait for these next four birthdays of yours to pass, I’m counting down each one. Although some say their love is meant-to-be, zhany say it is a case of pedophilia. This is clearly not the case here.