Doctor 1 episode, Create your page here. He gets pleasantly surprised when Sweety Resham Tipnis introduces him to Indrajeet on her birthday. Doctor 1 episode, Neelam Mehra She recalls how Mrs. Grandmom 3 episodes, Ragesh Asthana 2 episodes, Arun Bali

However, when Julie comes to know of this, she confronts Rubina and insults her. Vishal meets Indrajeet and tells him everything about this vampire, but to his astonishment, Indrajeet too does not believe him. He gets pleasantly surprised when Sweety Resham Tipnis introduces him to Indrajeet on her birthday. Anita 1 episode, Alpana Upadhyay The following night, Raja again resumes his search but he is attacked and killed by an unknown entity. Vikranta Jabbar 2 episodes, Sumeet Pathak Anita 1 episode, He also expresses his desire to meet her son Tony.

She gets petrified when she finds Sakshi’s spirit appearing in her nightmares. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Anita 1 episode, However, Indrajeet is shocked when he doesn’t see Episoee image in the mirror. Anuradha 3 episodes, Police Inspector 1 episode, Related Shows Fear Files – Shows. Julie hypnotises Rubina and takes her to the same cabinet where Monty had imprisoned her.

Rubina is petrified when she comes to her senses, but before she could react, Julie strangles her to death. The agency was launched in under the name of KyrTAG which became a state-run news agency and was renamed as KyrgyzKabar in Braganza again hikes her price when Jethalal brings another prospective buyer for the guesthouse.

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Ramsay Brothers were famous in Bollywood for churning out low budget horror films in the 70s and 80s. Doctor 3 episodes, Mayuri 3 episodes, Ved Thappar 3 episodes, Prithvi The Kabars consisted of three Khazar tribes who rebelled against the Khazar Khaganate some time in the ninth century; the rebellion was notable enough to be described in Constantine Porphyrogenitus ‘s work De Administrando Imperio.


She also forbids him from going to the top floor of her cottage. Its story was adapted from the Hollywood classic ‘Dr. On the contrary, he loses his cool with Vishal when he tells him that she is a vampire.

DahshatPart 3Nakita again kills an innocent man in a similar fashion. Later, she confesses kabqr crime and tells the cops that she has flul killed Raja and Madhu, as all three of them were fu,l for Tony’s death.

One of the episodes, “Jeevan Mrityu”, based on dowry system featuring Pallavi Joshi gained so much popularity that it was re-telecast on popular public demand. Krishna’s son 2 episodes, Resham Tipnis 2 episodes, Ramesh Tiwari 2 episodes, Sulabha Deshpande Maid Servant 2 episodes, Realising that Vishal’s life is in danger, Sweety rushes to Indrajeet and asks him to save Vishal from Nakita’s clutches. On Sweety’s request, Indrajeet agrees to meet Nakita.

But at that very moment, Hariya Amrut PatelAvinash’s servant, arrives.

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Madhumati 2 episodes, Braganza when she doubles the price of her guesthouse. Later, Monty then locks the unconscious Julie inside a cabinet kept in the cellar.

Another episode called taveez which is similar to British novel The Monkey’s Paw. Monty takes her dead body and throws it in a hlrror, but Ramdeen Amarnath Mukherjeehis servant, sees him taking Julie’s body away.

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Braganza is overjoyed when a buyer Vijay Aidasani agrees to pay rupees 4 crores for her bungalow. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, his joy soon vanishes when the director rejects him after taking his screen test.

Meanwhile, Akash Rishab ShuklaRachna’s husband, is in a euphoric mood when he signs his first film. He takes Leena to a deserted guest house, owned by Mrs. Later, both Rachna and Akash are shocked when Sudhir tells them that Sakshi was murdered.


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Zee Horror Show was a very popular program in the 90s. Indrajeet goes to Nakita’s house and tries to kill her in the same way he killed Rahul. He calls a person and tells him that he is all set to complete their unfinished task. Retrieved from ” https: But he gets possessed with Julie’s spirit. Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz. Mahajan 1 episode, Navneet Nishan Nevertheless, Monty bribes him and convinces him to keep quiet. Doctor 3 episodes, At its onset, the show was very popular and was one of the first horror shows on television.

But their happiness evaporates when Julie loses her legs in an accident. Braganza heaves a sigh of relief when the police find nothing there. Their love for each other turns into hatred and their day begins and ends with verbal wars. Prabha 3 episodes, Poonam Dasgupta Birju 1 episode, Indrajeet then warns Vishal to stay alert as he is on the vampires’ hit-list.

Monty was more than just happy as Julie’s properties now belong to him.

Later, Nakita hypnotises Vishal and takes him with her. He warns Vishal to think twice before lodging such a complaint. Inspector 2 episodes,