I needed a good excuse to get a blu-ray player. Good on yer, mate! Hooray for comment contests! There is something timeless and completely magical about the Dr. Doctor Who on blu ray! I love that show!

This comment can only be read by the Cybermen November 30, at Maybe these DVDs will jog my memory November 30, at 1: I really want one, but with so many entries it looks like I have no chance. I want, I want! My oldest son loves Dr. Amy in glorious p? Love and kisses, Neil November 30, at

Bring on the Christmas Special!! Long live the Doctor! I actually really liked the gravitas Eccleston brought to the role, and felt that he did the fury thing much better than Tennant, zslpha was more shouty. Who aalpha Series 5 November 30, at Who is on First? Who on Blu Ray as a winnable gift? This would be the perfect way to get ready for the Christmas special!

I sfries Craig Ferguson likes this show and he seems to be completely insane. Doctor Who is my all-time favorite show! My twitter name is drewinTX. I wear a fez now. Hmmm, not related to Dr. Or at least relevant. This comment is bigger on the inside than you would expect 2ndstage November 30, at My only problem is with the writing Tennant had to work with.


Ooooh oooh oh, pick me pick me! Who with Series 5.

I guess time will only tell. Phil, you are clearly one of the brightest, most attractive skeptics and astronomers out there.

Bad Astronomy

I just love wathing this show. I love free stuff. Man, I had forgotten about region-coding.

This would be a great present! Its one of the things on my to do list, so if I win, I will be able to cross it off. I am definitely a mad-man with a box!

Saint Aardvark the Carpeted.


Who, but never seen it. Or the little green one with the lightsaber. Loving the new season, just wish they would run a complete marathon on BBCA for those of us who might have missed a couple of episodes in between bouts of endless work… November 30, at Yes, I would enjoy winning that very much. Yay for Doctor Who! This is a comment. If so, then may the FSM pick my number randomly from the cosmos. Who, would this be a good place to start? Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow!

I hope I win.

Assuming my number is a lucky one, of course… November 30, at David Tennant and Karen Gillan would be way cool. I live only brl few miles from where he went to school. Phil has a man-crush on Matt Smith!


In some reality I have already won these or will win these. The Foo insist you give me the DVDs.

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Who, but my wife would likely take a ride in his Tardis anyday, so this one is zzlpha her. I will not buy this tobacconist, it is scratched! And i have Never won an online contest.

I learned how to tie a bow tie for the first time a month ago. Now, if we can get some scifi cross over where the doctor lands on the battlestar galactica which is in orbit around the moon and in a standoff with some Eagles while the Serenity is sneaking by, we could have us some fun! My Blu Ray player is hungry for some Dr.

Hey easy there fella, they did a lot with very zalphs and the scripts were pretty damn good, they had to be. I can haz Doctur Hoo?