The cast, continued 30 Nov. On the other hand, in this song there is b Benjamin T. Posted by Shoebox on August 20, in Meta-stuff. Comment Name Email Website. Just like me, you are entitled to your opinion. Someone on YouTube pointed out that this is easily the most expensive-looking music video HH ever produced.

Secondary characters, like the Elders, Negatus, the Monks, the Ninnies, and so many more, are both testament to the quality comic talent of the versatile cast and are inspired creations in themselves. This site uses cookies More info No problem. This is not actually surprising. Speaking of which, ohai I. An entire country of badass thieves and murderers and stuff? There is however one last nicely sophisticated use of the Hadland crazy-eyed brittleness, or crazy brittle-eyed-ness, or whatever it is. Simon, for his complete lack of comedic inhibition, and lavishly surreal inventiveness in applying same.

Besides which, multiple viewings do turn up a few specific critical pleasures. YouTube subscribe button by Skipser.

Come to think of it, everybody looked idiotically happy to be celebrating Pachacuti, too…. Maybe Yonderland has a slight class system, but equal rights are And you want to know the best thing? Hey, I said the characters learned lessons, not the audiences. Such a strong and funny and downright clever show. One of the nicer little subplots of the HHTV Experience is the fact that fully half of the core sextet have small offsprings of their own, thus the upcoming chance to introduce their works to same.

Besides if this other world is already strange, than opinions which are strange do fit. Simon, for his complete lack of comedic inhibition, and lavishly surreal inventiveness in applying same.

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But please understand that not everyone on Tumblr is a native English speaker and not always want to commentart others. When you review it nonstop for five series, one thing becomes very, very obvious: She tricked Bradley and Mojo but she brought magic casg in doing so. The creators discuss the writing process, the production design, the look of the show, and much more. See this in the app Show more. A perfect example of why this can be dangerous. A review of Yonderland as it is now – released in three episodes Now, I adore this.


Just as I was determining to do something about both, Yonderland Series II hit, and was a hit, and I further realised that dang, I kinda missed those six idiots after all. There are only two new pieces included, and one of those is a Scary Story. More sympathetic revisionist historians have suggested that our Neville was a lot cannier than he traditionally gets credit for.

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Martha, for the wonderfully total, authentic self-belief that she brings to every character, no matter how bizarrely deluded. What shocking behaviour did I do? The specials 19 Oct. Notably, there is the final Bob Hale Report. So yeah, the original Australians: So basically yes to the short, and the probably compensatory top hat, and the generally cocky attitude, and the engineering genius to back it up… yep, even the emergency upside-down coin-removal surgery, all absolutely kosher.

You’re right about those anti- feminism Jokes. Subscribe to our videos! I feel like there should be trumpets, at least. Oh, and on the subject of surefire happiness, there is also the final Words We Get From the…featuring B. On the other hand, in this song there is b Benjamin T. Ohai, cute little cone-shaped shell just lying there on the beach! And the fact that Larry, and by extension the show, is more concerned with honouring that than any sentimental farewell scene is a tiny perfect microcosm of why both are universally beloved in the first place.

Take a bow, indeed.


Right, so they were actually two full-length specials produced alongside S4, and… erm… well, let us just say that it is deeply ironic that of the two—or of any, come to that — this is the only one currently available on DVD.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Another HH icon goes out on a cheerfully effortless example of their best: Well, here we are: Excitement in the streets! So yeah, as yonverland side-effect of serving as the prose finale the producers ccast realising, correctly, that in the literal final episode all anybody would be anticipating was the song this episode collates the remnants of the casting experiment that gave S4 so much of its peculiarly sweet, vivid appeal: Horrible Histories Reviews Exactly what it says on the tin.


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Ooh, I am on fire today! Debbie soon learns that in this world she is considered a Chosen One, destined to save the land from oncoming darkness — especially the conniving villain Negatus.

But ye gods, kiddies, in my day the hook at least involved Ghostbusters. No way is Debbie of Maddox letting others having control. But the worst of them, Philip of Woolworth, died straight afterwards. After Debbie Howe-Douglas sends her twins off to school for the first time, she finds her life a little empty.

Then again… Jim, just where the hell did you get that pseudo-Hollywood-Cockney accent, and does it have anything to do with that same viewing of Mary Poppins I mentioned a couple reviews ago? Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Also interestingly, because so flamboyantly, willing to ignore timelines; yondsrland is a casual reference to a marathon cheating scandal from Add in the cynical grumbling of Nick the Talking Stick and you end up with an entertaining trio to head up the show each week.

I just realised that I really, really wanted to see Chavvy Jim present a sketch on alchemy. They show just what true blind faith and loyalty is, even when its misdirected. Someone on YouTube pointed out that this is easily the most expensive-looking music video HH ever produced.

While I remain sceptical re: