Nozomi and the others go to Karen’s villa in the highland to play tennis. They eyeball Kurumi to find out who she is. They later go into the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale to catch a Palmin, only to fall into a trap. PreCure 5 have a great fight with him. Though baffled, Nozomi and the others open the letter. He disguises himself as a young man to approach Nozomi’s group. But, Syrup is worried while Nozomi and others are happy to go there

When PC5 go shopping, mysterious shadows appear, hunting the Rose Pact. Karen needs to take care of him. Syrup is very hungry as the school canteen is closed during summer break. Urara’s new song; Twin Tail magic, debuts. You can also find most of them on www. It’s hard to find.

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The series began airing in Japan from February 3, to January 25,replacing Yes! In Animated TV Series. Scorp later appears from the lake near Nuts House. PreCure 5 in its initial timeslot and was succeeded by Fresh Pretty Cure!

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Syrup mentions that he saw blue roses bloom in the Cure Rose Garden. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Everyone is suspicious about Kurumi and her character change. Nozomi hears that and volunteer to teach the children.

UK and it should come up with watch shows so you click on that. Syrup decides to go to Eternal alone to get his memories. Coco asks Nozomi and Rin to introduce the school to Kurumi.


Nozomi has problems answering the children’s questions. Nozomi is not good at cooking, so she asks to share from others. Split and merge into it.

Karen brings a gorgeous cake to celebrate the reopening of the Nuts House. Where can you find yes pretty cure 5 gogo movie with English subs?

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Views Read Edit View history. The challenge vveoh a coin game. Others later take part in the fight, but they can’t defeat him. Urara episoxe to her classmate, Yoshimi’s Curry Shop and helps her distribute flyers. Karen is trying to send a letter to her parents, but is having some trouble. As Coco persists in acting cold and distant, Nozomi begins to grow depressed. Where can you find all the episodes of ppgz English sub?

Retrieved from ” https: What’s also surprising is that Milk has not been sending letters to the group. Precure Kids Koe Girl! Milk contacts Nozomi with a call for help Truthfully, she lied to them because she was lonely. When PC5 see Syrup in Eternal, he runs away, feeling that he betrayed them.

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Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Episodes

Nebatakos appears, changes to monster form, and fights with our heroines. This game show is a fake made by Mucardia.


Where can you find the 5th episode ggo Fresh Pretty Cure with English subs? Retrieved April 22, However, Rin suggests Nozomi make her lunch by herself. Urara’s new song; Twin Tail magic, debuts.

Syrup suspects that she may be a member from Eternal. But, Anacondy is hindering PreCure 5. PreCure 5 have a great fight with him. The Boss moves when he knows the gate is opened. Cure Rose Garden has been opened.

Where can you find soul eater episode 40 English sub? After that day, Bunbee comes to them and says: Rin asks Coco to have a tuition with her siblings. I’m probaly the biggest fan you know of pretty cure as i can’t stop watching it!

If PC5 reject, he will take away the eipsode treasure,a symbol of the city. He takes out a box, which looks like the Rose Pact, for performing his magic. However, Syrup is worried that he can’t go to Cure Rose Garden. Would you like to merge this question into it?