I am so done with Episode 1 at this point…. Split Infinity’s may have far more information in it than you ever wanted, but it should also tell you everything you need to know about dealing with the boss’s offensive and defensive moves, as well as how to stay alive and dish out damage in the meantime. And will self destruct, causing a LOT of damage. Oh, right, we were working with something like a time limit. It only looks a little ridiculous. Remember how he tore off his own head just to make a point?

I forget if it does it on its first turn period, or only the first turn after being hit with beam attacks, but point being you’re probably gonna get in at most one solid beam hit before it uses the shield. Your email address will not be published. Proto Merkabah Unlock Last Edited: Go down the stairs to the left and then follow the passage along the ships to find the Defibrillator Vest. Just to be a dick, Albedo fused a gnosis with the core, so rather than just switching the place off, suddenly there has to be a final boss battle. You will have to fight some enemies on the way down – four groups to be precise! You will get the Decoder 6 for winning the battle. Yeah, want to fill us in?

This thing is ridiculous. You know any other super-powered heroines that hang out with their fluorescent hair flapping in the breeze on the front of a gigantic ship after guiding the party out of a collapsing final dungeon? And the game itself too, woo. Push them in this order – the top one on the left wall to raise the floor, the lower one should be left low, so that you can cross.

There are probably some other good ones out there too. He also hits like a truck. Albedo is… No, not doing this. No I do not want to play again. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username elisode password?


Incidentally, mandatory battles on an elevator ride that could potentially never end legally makes Xenosaga Episode 1 like Final Fight 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Meanwhile, Gaignun and Helmer discuss stuff we already know. Climb up the ladder and pass through a pair of doors. Hit him with status afflictions to slow him down!

Return to level 42 and push the button there.

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The Elsa has a failsafe wherein, if everyone is going to die, the monitors start playing Forest Gump to soothe its passengers into the afterlife. And if you can’t spell “Vilurum”, call me “Vil”. B K B K 6 years ago 2 You have to destroy its shield. Use the Boost spell to raise everyone’s boost meter to 3.

I forget if it does it on its first turn period, or only the first turn after being hit with beam attacks, but point being you’re probably gonna get in at most one solid beam hit before it uses the shield. First of all, for anybody that played Xenogears, this damn thing looks a lot like the space slug that claimed to be god, Deus. Well here we go! The other side of Floor 43 is pretty uninteresting, but you can activate a switch that connects both sides, so you can re-access that save point.

And the whole place starts shaking around. Back on the Elsa, everyone is kinda generally chatting, while Shion is still staring out the window. Back on The Song, we gave everyone KO Guard, because there are just mobs of enemies there that use instant KO attacks, and those get real annoying, real fast. Forgot your username or password?

Xenosaga Episode I Part 18: An End

Albedo attacks VERY quickly! To counter this, use Supreme Judgment. Erde Kaiser, of course, remains exclusive to Shion. She saved everyone, like, twice!


And another big elevator! All that’s xensaga is Albedo and Sophienot sure how hard this will be without Erde Kaiser. Don’t have an account?

This elevator contains four or so mandatory battles. Right, yes, that dick. These can mostly be avoided. Well, he finally got there! And will self destruct, causing a LOT of damage. Push the button and then enter the back room.

I used Shion, Jr. Also, hey, hidden door. Elsa clears the Proto Merkabah just in time! This is supposed to contradict that vision of the future where she still has her helmet… and obliterates a planet.

Having three accessory abilities can make a huge difference. March 27, at 4: Make sure that at least one person is capable of seeing his hit points.

Heal before going through the door at the end of the hall. Climb up the stairs to get to the 41 st floor. The first real area of the Proto Merkabah is pretty much a parking garage.

Shion still practically has to be dragged away, though. This will bring you to the other staircase.

Falling on deaf ears, though, and the ship lifts off with Shion still hanging onto the open door. Unceremoniously back at the title screen. There is a pair of yellow switches along the top wall, as well as a pair along on the left wall.

This attack can hit your entire party for over a thousand damage.