I would just teach your kids how to block people. S look at this: Anonymous May 24, at 7: Find your friend in the list provided and they will be super delighted! To put people on fire you do this: Use your words wisely or get auto-sanction..

Monday, 22 December I’m back ‘-‘. There is this “virtual world” named “KidzWorld” and it’s visiting Woozworld. Adult Written by phuegi February 16, Parent of a 17 year old Written by willa lordess April 9, When Woozens saw this they were so happy, but now they’re “testing” us? Had useful details When preztige first came out, most people didn’t like it.

We just painted our walls so the computer has been unplugged and I just found out that I can post from my iPad x So how was everyone’s christmas? Your child can also create or write for a Woozworld blog if they really like the game,and this is good because your child is learning to idaes what they know about the game and informing others.

Parent reviews for Woozworld | Common Sense Media

I have a 2 hour limit on my computer and I have school and it’s grading period and oh no! Find your friend in the list provided and they will be super delighted! Google “trade scamming” and woozworld and you will see all the websites explaining how to perform this hack and steal from other children.


Helped me decide 4. My child came up to me say a male woozen said he would do something wich is very sexual and once she log me on so i could get her wooz and i saw this message she had from a woozen that said a bad word now we didnt bother that time but woozworlv we had seen it again it was farewell woozworld so woozworld has alot they need to watch for.

I aoozworld and somebody said this to me: Comprehension is a very important skill your child will need to value in life. They should improve that to be honest. Katarajak April 20, at 8: Not always, but it does happen. All you do is kdeas your cursor over your woozen, and scroll. Want personalized picks that fit your family? Had useful details D We started in almost the end of August and in 4 months we have views!

Had useful details 7. Common Sense’s Impact Our impact report: In Woozworld your child gets the chance to express their fashion style and show others what they like, and that is one of the many great messages that Woozworld gives off.

Parent reviews for Woozworld

I prefer my child have fun, not frustration during her entertainment time. Isn’t it great XD That’s all I have for today my mind is like: You can also go to the adoptin center in the game and pretend u are a baby: The new woozmas wkozworld are so fab I want one D: They advised there was nothing they could do on their end to deliver the item!


And to ask us any questions please go to Woozworld and search our usernames: So, scroll only a little bit to turn your woozen.

Can I open my own Holiday Chest? So i don’t recamend this!

Woozmas is in the air — and in Shopz! So i’ve been playing Woozworld for 5 years now and yes you may say ”does this person have a life???

I wkozworld love the colors. Bad people grooming on this site My daughter 14, became withdrawn and obsessed with being alone.

They also want to hook up as another poster mentioned. Thursday, 25 December Merry Christmas! I then made myself an account to really investigate and became horrified!!! She recently told me she idras in love with a boy she met online!! Enter the message Example: If you are logged in during this time, you will need to reload to see what your new Holiday Chest and Holiday Key is.