Royal Television Society Awards [14]. Dark Moon Sleepy Special. Wolfblood was created after series creator Debbie Moon , during a visit to a bookshop, saw the words “wolf” in one book title and “blood” in another and blended them together. After Imara’s decision to send Matei and Emilia to Romania, she gives Jana an ultimatum to decide once and for all. While the pack wrestle with the disappointment of losing their alpha, TJ falls for the smoke and mirrors of movie producer Joshua Hartington. Unable to help Selina’s parents, Jana resolves to find a way to help the other trapped wolfbloods, starting with the Genesis Project. This leads to a cataclysmic decision that will change all of their lives forever. Maddy and her family decide to leave the human world and go to Jana’s pack to stay safe, leaving Rhydian, Shannon and Tom behind.

Also, Tom and Kay begin to form a romantic relationship. In the end, Maddy accepts Rhydian being there when she found out Rhydian is an orphan. Jeffries catch Sweeney just as Kincaid drives away with the pack. Series 4 first aired on 8 March and concluded on 13 April and this time consisted of 12 episodes. Retrieved 15 June Wolfblood Being a teenager is hard enough. Wolfblood series 3 finale episode sneak peek.

The pack wake up in a cell, where they discover that Meiner has been scientifically turned human. Who is the chosen one? Number of comments Number of loves Her fate rests with Hannah, while Imara and Jana make a breakthrough in proving the conspiracy — but who can they trust?

During a sleepover with her friends at Shannon’s, Maddy has a cold, so Shannon gives her a herb pill to make her better. Use British English from January Use dmy dates from November Articles containing potentially dated statements from May All articles containing potentially dated statements.


Wolfblood Season 1 Episode 11-Eolas NEW!

Retrieved 15 June Each series has new epiwode and concepts and overall the television series has an interesting storyline. An online animated motion comic known as Wolfblood Alphawhich is in three parts, takes place after the fourth series.

Jana and Tom try to end the feud, but during the night all wolfbloods around the world fall unconscious and Shannon, Woflblood, and Dr. To stop suspicions arising, Maddy and Rhydian take her to school where her abnormal behavior forces to teach her control.

Rhydian starts dabbling with his ancient eolas episoce in school. What’s in store for the Wolfbloods? The rest of the pack ask for help from Dacia and then Kincaid after he starts losing control. All of the directors were new to the series, and it was shot in four production blocks: With Rhydian and Shannon still at odds, a meteor shower falls on a dark moon. Whitewood work together to wake them all up, succeeding in the process.

Wolfblood – A Victory To Echo Through Time

At school, Maddy and Rhydian face the wild wolfbloods with the help of Tom and Shannon and they leave without him. Kyle successfully takes both of them down, then decides to take them to sell, thinking they’re normal wolves thought to be extinct in Britain.

Whitewood arrives, discovering a silver bullet in its remains. Maddy is stuck with her schoolmates in a creepy old castle on Lindisfarne Island on the night of her first full moon transformation, and Shannon wants to test her theories and believes that Rhydian is in on it.

After it transpires that none of the wolfbloods have stolen anything, it’s a race to find the missing laptop before all the wolfblood secrets are revealed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maddy suspects Tom, who sweats and his heartbeat races when someone talks about that night to him. This page was last edited on 15 Januaryat These are my personal favorites. Rhydian attacks the wild wolfblood while Maddy guides everyone else to safety.


Looking for CBeebies shows? Wolfblood Being a teenager is hard enough. The pack discuss what they all saw, and Tom later accidentally fires a serum at himself while messing around with the device.

Maddy’s parents let Rhydian stay with them and try to get things back to normal but Rhydian is followed by Jana, a wild wolfblood who says she’s been exiled by her father, Alric. Dark of the Rune.

Maddy tries to stop Liam discovering the den, ending in disastrous consequences for the both of them.

Wolfblood Season 1 Episode Eolas NEW! – video dailymotion

Tom and Kay, once again, make up after the previous events at the Kafe. It is revealed that neither Rhydian nor Tom did it, but Jimi.

Wolfblood Uncovered compares scenes in Wolfblood with facts about real wolves, and shows how real life wolf behaviour is reflected in the actions of the characters in the story. Victoria takes an interest into Jana’s wild wolfblood abilities, Shannon helps Kincaid and Dr Whitewood to perfect a serum that dolfblood Kincaid’s limp, and Tom sees Victoria is holding someone hostage and finds a strange device.

On a full moon, Maddy and her parents transform in the cellar when Rhydian returns to Stonebridge.