He gives the diamond and wants her to leave Dong Hae. Then he looked kinda sad. Episode 77 Episode Episode 15 Episode Meanwhile, Kim Jun tries to do best to find her. Sool Nyeo is taking care of one of the twins. Dong Hae is allowed to return to the cooking challenge and Mrs. Episode 19 Episode

Although Dong Hae understands Kim Jun’s intentions, he doesn’t want to share the same last name. Tae Hoon asks how his dad knows of the salt is of good quality. They were looking at the salt they use to make kimchi. Episode 85 Episode Do Jin sees her and asks if Dong Baek’s inside. Dong Hae believes resigning is the best thing for everyone involved but Dojin and Hyesuk feel otherwise.

Pil Jae and Song Yi are in Anna’s room.

She runs into Yoo Jin at the kitchen lounge. Episode 53 Episode Jo introduces himself as Dong Hae’s grandfather. Sae Young steps out of her room and tells her mom that her baby said his first word. Episode 54 Episode You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

Episode 70 Episode Ji Chang 1500 Main Cast.

Episode 49 Episode She hugs Anna and apologizes for not recognizing her immediately. Bong Yi regrets making a move on Dong Hae and Saewa gets the hosting job for the cooking competition show. Tae Hoon recognizes Mr. Dojin tries to find s,ile who was Saewa’s old boyfriend and whats her connection to Dong Hae. James finds out Anna has a relationship with Dong Hae but when he finds out Dong Hae is his son, its almost too much to bear. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! But before he could say anything, Song Yi tells him that she knows what’s happening and that epsiode fine.


Kim Jun finds out about Saewa and Dong Hae’s past but decides its best not to tell his family. Episode 71 Episode Its been 2 months but Dong Hae and Anna return on the day of Saewa’s wedding. Newer Post Older Post Home. They all held hands the entire time. Do Jin rushes into the chairman’s office but nobody’s there. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Dojin and Dong Hae continue to fight every chance they get. Plus, Yujin tries to get closer to Dong Hae by taking him to her mothers restaurant.

It breaks Pil Jae’s heart to see Anna’s house. Click here to learn more. Park Jung Ah Supporting Cast.

Smile, Dong Hae – 151

Mal Sun and Pil Yong go to the hospital to get the result of Anna’s test. Bong Yi is surprised that Dong Hae is a grandson of Mr. The woman from the adoption center reveals that Anna is Dong Baek. Sun Ae says she is jealous. Saewa’s nightmares are coming true as she finds Anna and James meeting each other.

Episode 99 Episode Dong Hae and Bong Yi continue to get closer and Its getting harder for Saewa to keep Anna a secret from her father-in-law. Anna says she was fine because Dong Hae was there. Episode 33 Episode The two were surprised for a moment.


Smile Dong Hae

Saeyeong goes into labor on Saewa’s big day. Episode 56 Episode Anna and Emile Hae are forced to return to the States when a problem with their visa’s is reported to the authorities.

She tells her son not to cry and that she’s always there for him. Hye Suk wants Sae Wa to show any evidence. They get into a quarrel, and Hye Suk sues Pil Jae. Dong Hae starts to put together who James might be.

Smile, Dong Hae – Episode English subtitles | Watch online and Download free on FastDrama

Episode 82 Episode Episode 39 Episode Dong Hae stormed down to the TV station to get Anna but is convince to be on the show after all. Joon tells his wife that they should go too.

They’re decorating it with balloons for the proposal. Episode 28 Episode Bong Yi picks up Anna from the hospital but she and Dong Hae don’t know what to think of Anna’s claims that James took her there. Although Dong Hae understands Kim Jun’s intentions, he doesn’t want to share the same last name.

Episode 2 Episode 2.