Episode After discovering that they work at the same company, a gaming crazed otaku and a fujoshi reunite for the first time since middle school. However, just before she completes the fountain, she is approached by Kagefusa, who steals the Manyu scroll only to find the Breast Flow technique cannot be learned, as it was passed down from her mother’s bloodline. Soon, Issei learns of Kiba’s dark, bloody past and its connection to the mysterious Holy Swords. October 25, [4]. Inazuma Eleven Ares will be set in a parallel world, taking place after the events of the first game, and develop the story from the perspectives of three protagonists—Ryouhei Haizaki, Asuto Inamori, and Yuuma Nosaka. Harukana Receive Dub Dub Latest:

Episode In the story, Mitsuyoshi Tada, a boy who has never known love, is taking pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom when he meets Teresa Wagner, a transfer student from Luxembourg. The sole hope for peace in these lands rests with a fellowship of seven princess knights, handpicked by the goddess of the high elves. Episode Anzai, half vampire, and Tsukasa, a normal school girl. Characters fight an existential war in such a world. Episode Shiina Aki is constantly being treated like a girl due to his feminine looks so he decides to move to Tokyo to attend middle school in an attempt to change himself. Nozoki Ana Sub Latest: Every day, a young girl wearing a mask stands by the beach and sings a nostalgic melody. Considered a genius due to having the highest grades in the country, Miyuki Shirogane leads the prestigious Shuchiin Academy’s student council as its president, working alongside the beautiful and wealthy vice president Kaguya Shinomiya.

The one feared as the Demon King! Watch Now Watch Now.

He rushes next door to clear the misunderstanding and inform her of the crack, but accidentally trips and falls over her in the process. Stories of old tell of four otherworldly heroes—wielding the sword, spear, bow, and shield—who defended the land from wave after wave of calamity.


Gun Gale Online Sub Latest: Later on, Chifusa and Kaede find Kagefusa, Kokage, Tsuhuya and Chifusa’s grandmother, who defeated the assassins and fled as well. Episode Ayano Hanesaki, a first-year student at Kanagawa Prefectural Kitakomachi High School, has a badminton ability able to surpass others effortlessly yet avoids playing the sport.

Now living with both the teacher he loves and the girl with whom he had his “first time,” Natsuo finds himself in an unexpected love triangle as he climbs ever closer towards adulthood. Those who have huge breasts are guaranteed wealth and popularity.

Manyuu Hikenchou

Breast Illusion July 19, The manga began serialization in Enterbrain’s seinen manga magazine Tech Gian in Retrieved July 11, When Kagefusa begins to lactate due to Ouka stimulating her nipples, she tries to spray her milk on Ouka telling her it will enlarge the size of her own chest if she drinks it. Following an automobile accident that claims the life of his parents, Teppei Arima is taken in by his grandfather and introduced to the world of the rich and the elite.

A reality that they never wanted a part of, an amazing and terrifying zombie world. Dorei-ku The Animation Dub Latest: Li Mingyang was originally an ordinary office worker. Can the members of the Occult Research Club survive this development?

Manyuu Hikenchou Episode 1 English Subbed

High School DxD New: There, he begins his new slime-like life in another world with his increasing number of minions by his side. Meanwhile, their adversaries grow stronger and more numerous as they rally their forces. Under the watchful eye of Naruto and his old comrades, a new generation of shinobi has stepped up to learn the ways of the ninja.

Episode One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. Written on a secret scroll possessed by the clan, there are said to be various techniques on how to grow big and beautiful breasts.


Warriors of Love Dub Latest: Souten no Ken Re: The Boobie Kid is later revealed to be Momoha, the masseus, and that she is a member of the Munamori family and that she knows a technique similar to the Breast Flow technique that Chifusa cannot use. Simply viewing the page is all it takes to hurtle Aya headlong into the deadly world of the Magical Girl Apocalypse.

He’s the strongest magician but, he doesn’t have any social skills. February 25, [3].

Chifusa and Kaede rest for the night in an abandoned shack after Chifusa comes down with a fever. Kizuna’s fighting ability doesn’t measure up, but his sister has another plan—apparently having erotic experiences with Kizuna will allow the girls to replenish their energy or power-up.

The dark elves rule over a race of monsters that maanyu raided human lands for generations, capturing and defiling their women.

During the hunt, Chifusa and Kaede stumble upon the monsters and after a brief fight they discover that they were just Yasuke’s four children, who played with their captured women’s breasts because they satch their deceased mother’s bosom. This is a story about you.

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Episode Does the girls’ daily life include fighting and not fighting? Together with the heroines who are in fact otaku girls, the shopkeeper start helping people claim their lost otaku memories back.

They go to an inn run by a well-endowed landlady. October 24, [5].