Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast. Thanks a million for the recap…I have made your site a mustread site. Such a pleasant surprise. The Berlin Wall has fallen. When Jae Ha is being taken to the dorms, he asks a soldier if he has a knife. I hope this drama stays good, because its succeeded in shaking me right out of my drama doldrums.

You are super fast. Jae Ha asks where his brother is? Yum Dong Hun Supporting Cast. For now, I am rabid for this drama. She yells all the time. Jae Kang tells Jae Ha that the citizenry pays for their upkeep and he needs to earn their affection. In a shocking and unexpected reversal of expectations stemming from the previews released of both Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts , I have now switched over my watching allegiance.

When Shi Kyung hesitates, Jae Ha grabs the gun and shoots it, intending to show Shi Kyung the right way to to shoot a gun. Jae Kang gathers with his father, the King, and his mother, the Queen, to watch this historic event.

I also felt the frisson of palpable energy from dranacrazy drama which set up its premise well and foreshadows interesting things to come.

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Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. The cooperation agreement is signed and everyone goes to eat and drink. The two brothers pow wow and Jae Ha bitches about this unreasonable demand. She then closes the compact and hops down to the subway station to meet two girlfriends. Hang Ah gets roped in, and we see an official convey from North Korean pass through the DMZ barriers as the media crowds around capturing this unprecedented event.


The Berlin Wall has fallen. She toys with the guy a bit, but then the guy gets serious and manages to land a kick that causes Hang An to bleed.

Hang Ah walks out in front of the commanders gathered from both sides. What a budding little player.

I love how daddy is so proud of her. Watch ‘ The King 2 Hearts ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized hear your phone and tablet. Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast. When everyone goes to sit down, Jae Ha kicks the chair out from under Shi Kyung, leaving the man sprawled on the floor.

The lights come on in the armory and Jae Ha finds himself facing Eun Shi Kyung, and correctly identifies him as the son of Secretary Eun.

The King 2 Hearts

Younger brother Jae Ha arrives complaining about his broken Gameboy. Jae Kang reminds Jae Ha that war is always a possibility. Hope that it will stay interesting and at the same time entertaining. I am loving this drama because of the characters. Hang Ah checks her phone, still no call from date guy.

Thanks again for the dfamacrazy.

Will the unlikely duo overcome their initial animosity to find common ground? Oooh, might check this out. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 Recap

The three North Koreans are already sitting down for a meal when Shi Kyung and another member arrives. Jae Kang tells Jae Ha that the citizenry pays for their upkeep and he needs to earn their affection.

Youn Yuh Jung Supporting Cast. Team North Korea arrives at the Palace and are going through a metal detector check. Little pipsqueak Jae Ha makes up for his lack in size by sheer will power and balls, as he kicks and punches the older kids. She is a member of the special elite forces, which is the assassin training unit. Hang Ah says once on TV is enough for her fellow countryman to see her as a killing machine.


Hang Ah sadly looks at her hand and the falling petals as she remains leaning against the wall.

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Hang Ah is told that the final member from the South Korean side is the Prince, the younger brother of the King. Hang Ah quickly asks her daddy if they are about to meet the South Korean members. Jae Ha slams the door open and charges the older boys who are harassing his older brother. Hang Ah calls him comrade and is quite forward with him. Jae Ha wants to play and have fun his entire life, he does not want to ever be King.

Her commander tells her that nothing will happen, she needs to do this for the sake of their country. Today that dream is coming true, with the two Koreas joining together to create one team herat send to the WOC World Officer Championships.

But thanks to this, I am at ease that the K2H has not dissapointed its viewers!

But then he reaches over and holds her hand.