I’ve tried to find, but there is none available in my US location. They come to a semi-compromise: She mumbles that she was a horrible daughter, that she was actually getting her hair done while her parents were dying, like a fool, because she wanted to look pretty for the lawyer. Posted January 2, at 4: Monstar — cute, teen romance, lots of gorgeous music. But their marital life faces numerous obstacles.

That would be awkward. The parts I especially enjoy: The advantage of a paid subscription to a site like Netflix is the ad-free viewing, while a site like Hulu still shows ads even with a paid subscription. I like the more down to earth moments. I hope that continues with the rest of the episodes.. This is one of those, enjoy it for its surface goodness type of shows:

I’m in the 2nd region code and need English subtitles, but most DVDs that offer all region codes are from Hong Kong, Taiwan or wherever but the English subtitles are awful from “your pretty”, “i dont no” to mistakes in translation.

Does that mean she will get the Chairman’s inheritance? I like the music, and Hwa-shin dances up a storm a daughfer of drajacrazy throughout the course of the show. Lots of adorable, fun music, little substance. I have a different oppinion on this with javabeans.

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I darmacrazy know who he is, just never got to watch him in anything. Maybe one day later I’m back to looking forward to watching: Cutest pairing ever- Pil-sook and Jason, who are not the first or second leads, but the third, and I want to take them home with me.


Posted December 18, Just little smalll things, but I appreciate them. Both father and son take things for granted because they have nice wives, although DIL might not be the best wife but she still has nice personality so far.

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Thanks for the recap Javabeans, even if you aren’t going to continue it. I tried DF again recently, buying a premier membership, which sometimes won’t stream on my TV, play five minutes of an episode then jump to the next episode or the subs drop out. I haven’t owned a TV for years so no cable bill. Supposedly, Viki has been migrating to a new system, for the past few weeks.

More at the link. I’ve tried to update my WiFi and such but it seems like the websites themselves cant support the ads they use Where Are We Going? The music at certain dramatic moments could have used a bit more subtlety.

I find myself invested in everyone’s trajectory and growth, as if they live around the corner and I’m mentoring them and could check up lw them from time to time. Posted May 30, He accuses her of being selfish and wanting to get rid of them all.

Although inho, it is weird. I’ve always been skeptical about second seasons but this one got to a really good start.


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Although ostensibly a revenge thriller, Power is as much a central theme. But when the story required her to play more serious scenes, and she became less hyper,you might say, I appreciated her acting more.

So, yeah, kdrama legal access is obvisouly hard in the US but it’s llaw impossible in Europe. It’s amazing to me that big, licensed shows are often subtitled within 12 or 13 hours of airing in Seoul.

I do like to be able to eat and drive places LOL. Its a really beautiful story, as with most Korean dramas, but i never finished it and would really love to!

The site and its contributors have said time-and-again that there is simply too much content stretching from dailies, to bi-weekly, to music and variety shows that far too many people want access to and are more than willing to pay for that access.

Was there an equivilant of the principal in the japanese version? Posted January 2, at 4: Come on Won, don’t be like every dahghter shocked and betrayed protagonist, suggest a double wedding or something!