First of all, I personally love glee, and it is such an exciting show. The show’s creator said for almost every scene they used the first take because no one could go on after that. I thought Quinn should have been in this episode. Artie Abrams Lea Michele I was very much afraid but this episode was oslely about Finn and how people that love him deal with his death. Making it a peer-pressure situation could have related to a lot of people watching. But I do agree that there was no need to reveal the cause of death, the is episode was a close to perfect as it could get. Especially now that the season is three episodes in and the season has gone no where, no plot point of any type has been advanced no new plots introduced, nothing at all!

I found this episode rather a mixed bag to be honest. Characters had real friendships between one another, and it was obvious many of those were carried by Finn, specifically with Puck, Kurt, Rachel and Will. It did very much feel like people were coming to terms with their own grief while trying to play a character who was also grieving. I doubt they will address the issue, but it would be nice. But I completely understand how busy the lovely and talented Diana is and Heather just had her baby a couple weeks ago so yes, I was sad they weren’t there but understood. Except your initial statement was that they missed an opportunity to touch on the issues of depression and addiction – neither of which Finn had prior to Cory’s death.

It forces the audience to pause and reflect on what happened in the first act which is quite a lot and prepare for the d05e03 of the second act, which isn’t exactly all rainbows and puppies.

One final thing, kudos to Emma for putting Tina in her place, thought that was a funny little break to this emotion fest. I am done with Glee though, I loved the music and have many of their songs. It would be a diservice to the character to suddenly have him – entirely off screen – have a drug related death when the character never actually did drugs. I downloaded it from Hulu and have watched it since and I still can’t watch it with out crying my eyes out. The images should not contain any z05e03 explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.


The Quarterback

In my opinion the writers have been playing it safe over the past couple of seasons which I think is the cause for the dwindling audience. As for the episode, I thought it was very well done. The scene with Kurt, Burt and Finn’s mom was truly sad, and it watcu hard to watch Santana break down. I knew there was someone else. Jake Puckerman Melissa Benoist When kurt with his parents were putting Finns stuff in boxes Yes, I did, also Sugar.

You worded my thoughts exactly in an eloquent way. The episode “Blame it on the Alcohol” shows Finn being the only cast member that didn’t drink at all and he had some great lines during that episode.

I missed Brittany, Quinn, Sugar, Joe, Rory and Lauren, but I understand that not everybody is willing to show their grief on public television and also that the producers couldn’t make room for everybody. No one can deny that this was a raw and powerful episode. Another reason for this is the writers still concentrating on the alumni that have apparently left the school, giving less screen time for the new characters to develop and for the viewer to emphasize with.

I totally agree, sadly: My problem with the timeline is what it suggests going forward. Or the characters are. Rachel Berry Matthew Morrison This is an actual Suarterback quote from the episode 17 in season 2 “A Night of Neglect. As well as the lack of a cause of death.

Finn was partying at college, drinking, making grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron Individual responses to loss can also be kind of weird. I was bawling through the whole episode. The most powerful scene was with Quadterback mom hands-down. Heather Morris was pregnant at the time they filmed the episode or she had just have her son, I don’t remember. I was surprised there were this many in the episode to begin with. Everything else was all heartache.

I wonder if the picture will stay on the wall. Given as Cory was friends if not more thf so many of his co-workers, I think it would have been disrespectful to them to change an episode that was as much about them as it was about him to turn it into a PSA thhe and that’s without even considering how well Glee handles the big issues.


Finn could have died from a one-time drug use. And Cory deserved it. The show had already been renewed by Fox for both a fifth and sixth season a few months before he died. Kurt stating at the beginning that the cause of death doesn’t matter and that we should focus on Finn’s life was exactly the same message all the actors delivered about Cory’s death. What lesson is there to learn? What are you feeling?

At first, I was irritated by Puck’s very strong reaction but I forgot how important Finn’s friendship must have been to him. I understand that Glee needed a “grieving” episode, but I quartrback help but feel like they missed a real opportunity terrible word for the situation, but go with it to have a true effect on society, quxrterback is something it has been trying to accomplish since the beginning.

Making it a peer-pressure situation could have related to a lot of people watching. Likely she was there for the funeral.

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You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Quaarterback reality is the character of Finn died, and regardless of the fact Cory Monteith died in real life we got no real closure within the show.

Which is something that Glee has always stood for – allowing an individual their own choices and decisions. It must have been a very difficult episode to make not only for the actors but all the crew as well.