But at least I wasn’t the only one thinking this, so upvotes for you! The glyphs are said to be a part of the show, and in terms of the guided evolution of humanity I’d say it’s the 6-fingered hand that’s relevant to this group. Full Cast and Crew. And Peter’s half-second of hesitation was very well done. The look on Walter’s face was wonderful. What’s the point of having a whole team with automatic rifles and body armor, if you go wandering along with a handgun all the time? I want that to happen every episode now.

I work my butt off helping to fix the crap you caused, and I get infected with porcupine cooties. I feel retarded, but what are these glyphs? Oh, and let’s turn the radios off, but keep the cell phones. I think I might have actually seen the Observer this time I can never catch him It seems logical that this will Happen. Peter and Walter were fantastic together!

That’s what my money is on as well. As far as I’m concerned, it was about Charlie showing us his pecs and making his trademark worried face for an hour. The good guy line just felt kind of understandably bitter.

That would be dramatic. A man walks through a room a tad later we find out it is a room, or the lower deck, in a ship with many giant exotic animals. It was s044e16 an example of people using a trending tag to move their own tweets up.

However she secretly helps Peter feinge Lincoln in the investigation. Marshall Bowman Gina Holden Olivia’s memories of the new time-line continue to fade, and Broyles s04e166 her on temporary leave, but her memories of original case assist Peter and Lincoln.


The title of this episode was always a clue to what would unfold: My number one question, though, concerned logistics. I work my butt off helping to fix the crap you caused, and I get infected with porcupine cooties.

Yeah he was frimge of my favorite characters, but I was really disappointed with some of the stuff he did on New Caprica and I didn’t think he was the kind of person to get caught up in the mutiny. Now, at the end, we saw a batcupine, a rattler on a tail chimera from the bug lady episode and that squid thing from the parasites-in-Chinese-people episode.

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Yiddish is far from being ancient, as it emerged in the Middle Ages as the conglomerate of Hebrew and High German, later incorporating some Polish and Russian vocabulary. I can deal with the other things, but a spider?

Should they risk keeping Olivia on cases if her memories are of another life? My vote is eight.

Fringe S04E16 – Nothing As it Seems

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you think about it, that’s actually quite a feat in itself and is a credit to both the writing and Seth Gabel’s performance. Him and his damn mutiny. But I would like to get this verified in a more credible way. Really though, I have no idea anymore what that episode was about. Olivia’s memories of the new frnige continue Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


The barge of Fringe monsters seems like it could be interesting though. The writers seem to be revealing all of the monsters as a part of DRJ, which gives them meaning in the show and not just another random creature from unknown places.

I thought she looked more like a mad scientist. I am so, so, so happy with season four.

Nothing As It Seems

The hybrid man-animals as ‘the next evolutionary step,’ a charismatic sociopathic leader pushing them to a higher moral plane, etc. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it There are more people. Yes No Report this. Retired by wwatch traumatic injury. The pictures – hand, butterfly – are glyphs. That is an accurate number.

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She recalls the name of Bowman’s partner, Daniel Hicks, and they head to his house. Finge have no idea why I’m writing this. Yeah, I thought all of the Lincoln stuff was perfectly done.