It’s definitely not the best Wario game I’ve played, but it is a worthy addition to the DS library and worth checking out sometime. Check out our cheats to unlock bonus episodes and get a list of the different disguises. I’ve played far worse, and for all its flaws this one can sit comfortably on the positive side of the scoring scale. This time, go left into the now-open room. Go all the way left and open the chest to receive the “Mouse Trap Gum” treasure. How do I beat Cannoli at the end of level 2?

That will be your next destination, and this episode will end here! What name differences exist between the Eng and Jap version? You are in the room with the falling drills. How to defeat boss episode 4 I need the answers on the riddles episode 3 How do I beat Cannoli at the end of level 2? After that, use Graffiti Wario or Dinosaur Wario to get rid of the Blocks, and return to the previous tall room. During this and any future boss fights, Goodstyle will provide hints as to what disguise you should be using in the lower-left corner of the touch screen. In that room, open the chest to receive the “Sassy Wig”.

The Treasure is in this room. Maste, whose wish is to own all walkthdough treasures and riches of the world, stops at nothing and manages to gather all five pieces of the Wishstone through the help of Count Cannoli who recognizes Wario as the superior criminal and the mysterious masked maiden known only as Tiaramisu. Use Arty Wario and put a box in that corner, then switch to Thief Wario and crawl into the hidden left room.

Their hair is their source of attack, as they shoot fire from it. At the other side, follow the strong currents pointing to the left, then surface at salkthrough end and jump onto dry land before continuing. It should not be Space Wario, it should be Cosmic Wario! Use Arty Wario to stack boxes so you can jump out of this room.

Then, drop to the lower segment and go into the left room. Then, duck down and crawl through the left passage. The idea here is to use Cosmic Wario and shoot the switches mastrr such a way that your shot will reflect off the switch and hit the boss immediately afterward. Before jumping onto the seesaw, jump into the water and use Captain Wario to head right.


Quickly switch back to Thief Wario and jump on his head to cause damage. There is a way around this.

Goodstyle quickly informs Wario that through his accomplishments, he has earned the vast amount mster treasure and riches that the Cannoli clan has accumulated throughout the generations. Disguisee time, punch the cracked blocks to the right as Genius Wario and drop into the room mastee. Jump to the next ledge and open the chest to receive the Green Crystal. After that, exit the room.

Use Sparky Wario to light up the area tap the screen to light up the rest of the room for a brief time. Burn the plant once if, it loses one point of health.

At the bottom, open the chest to get a “”Rare” Collectable Figurine”. Jump to the room above and collect a heart if you need it, mastet open the chest to receive the Sparky Guise Gem. This disguise is activated when a check mark is drawn on Wario’s back.

Use Dragon Wario to break them, then switch to Thief Wario and jump into the lava. In there, go down the ladder and avoid the ghosts, then enter the lower-left area. Enter the door and defeat the dolphin in the room, then exit. Completed the treasures section, so for all intents and purposes this FAQ is done.

Crawl through a hidden passage at the bottom of the Sphinx platform, then go through the door at the other side. Then, jump back out and exit this room.

Walk across the icy platform and defeat the enemies, then float on the water as Captain Wario. I still seem to be missing a bunch of them, so if you can give me information about the remaining ones, especially where you can acquire said missing treasures, please let me know! Ignore it for now and go into the left room. Open the chest in the right corner and collect a “Booby-Trapped Magnet Car”. Once you have taken the Purple Chests, when you exit and return, it will return back to a Red Treasure Chest.

Use Thief Wario and jump onto the stack, then crawl into the middle area and enter the final door this is optional. Reggie Fils-Aime announces retire. When the waril opens up below, drop disguiss and open the three chests to receive the “Freaky Eipsode Glasses”, “Nostalgic Memory Picture”, and the “Ears of Sanguineness” treasures. Just punching one of the floating statues will be enough to expose his body.


Switch to Thief Wario disguie jump from that platform over the stack of blue fire blocks. Before you continue, use Wicked Wario and fly onto a ledge on the left side via a hidden passage and enter the door on that ledge.

He can see invisible otherwise inaccessible doors, platforms, passages and switches. Finally, you reach the Treasure Chest. She mentions finding the special pants so you can survive the high temperatures.

Wario: Master of Disguise Cheats and Cheat Codes, Nintendo DS

Make your way downward through the next room while avoiding more falling lava balls. There, you will see two water drops wzlkthrough from the ceiling at regular intervals, destroying the blocks directly below it when they fall.

Use Dragon Wario to destroy the red fire block, then fall through the thin platform. Open the chest there to receive the “Formal Salmon Lure”, then exit the room.

Jump onto it, then over to the upper-right platform. With the door exposed, go into warii new room.

Change to Flying Wario if you need height. Open the chest in the water to get the Genius Guise Gem. With this new ability, switch to Captain Wario and backtrack to the far west really quick. Exit by going through the door to the right.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Special Chapter Guide

Back in the dark room, use Dragon Wario to fall through the thin platforms and land in the room below. Enter that Door you see. Dsguise the next couple of rooms, make your way to the right while defeating the enemies you meet along the way. Exit the room and go left to the large door, and enter it. This time, use Cosmic Wario to shoot the blue switches and make your way jaster the platforms that appear.