A Fenton invention ends up saving Dani after she turns into ectoplasm. Deceitful and sneaky, Hotep-Ra was eventually defeated by Tucker when he realized he had been used by Hotep-Ra. Obnoxious and childish, he can only be seen by children. They are often incompetent and frequently bicker amongst themselves. When Danny challenges her, she musically hypnotizes him with a “love song. As first Danny battles, then befriends, a hulking ghost named Wulf, Walker and his goons overshadow most of the people in Danny’s inner circle. A new guidance counselor depresses most of the students in Casper High School. Their team color is a reverse gold and green to avoid copyright infringement with the actual team.

Danny Phantom Ghost Zone. Danny Phantom Ghost Zone. Thanks to a new ghost power, Danny stops her, but when Tucker’s growing envy of Danny’s powers drives him to wish for ghostly abilities, too, Desiree grants his wish. Terminatra is brought to life by Desiree after Sam wished unknowingly that something bad should happen to Paulina before her party. He went to Amity Park to make Danny Phantom a member of his performance. An original running gag would be that Vlad would lose his manor due to unfortunate luck every other episode.

When his still-unpredictable ghost abilities cause problems at school, Mr.

She suffers from uncontrollable mood swings, turning suddenly from sweet and kind to violent and deadly. More mischievous than malevolent, he desires to get attention by morphing into someone else and playing pranks, and later have the real plawmius take the blame for what he did.

Danny desires a separation between his fun and superhero lives. Starting with this episode, Dani Phantom is now voiced by Krista Swan. He is calm, tricky, and all-knowing. He must make his way to the invention and make himself back to normal size before his secret is exposed to Dash.

He was known as the most bullied student of Casper High and thus, holds a soft spot and great concern for those who suffered as much as he did. He is a powerful, gruff knight who spreads terror from his winged horse, Nightmare. In this episode, Danny Phantom is labeled as “Inviso-Bill” which annoys him. He orders them to locate the mystical Reality Gems: Lydia is Freakshow ‘s loyal ghost assistant.


The last time she is seen in the series is as part of the crowd of ghosts in “Phantom Planet”.

Martin Mull: Vlad Plasmius

This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Jazz decides to tell her parents Danny’s secret after the Fenton jet crashes and they think Danny is inside. Voiced by Martin Mullfirst appears in “Bitter Reunions” episode 7.

While trying to map out the Ghost Zone, Danny, Sam, and Tucker befriend a ghost named Frostbite who gives them the “Infi-map” that can take the user to any location in the Ghost Zone.

Sam signs up for a beauty pageant in order to show how “dumb and pointless” they really are. Kitty is Johnny 13’s girlfriend. While it’s strange enough that Danny encounters ghosts on his vacation, what he learns about Vlad proves even more surprising: As revenge on the men, Spectra, Kitty, and Ember join forces and use their powers to make all males vanish from Amity Park. However, Vlad manages to steal it. He punishes Danny for his actions by swapping bodies and dimensions with him, trapping Danny in a mirror world of his high school.

However, Vortex rebels against Vlad and conjures up violent weather all over the world until Danny defeated him, gaining and losing Vortex’s climate control powers. He has also tried to steal Maddie, the lost love of his life, away from Jack.

Danny Phantom Ghost Zone.

Lancer offers them a chance to avoid detention by competing in a haunted house contest. Epksodes Danny must survive the grueling rules the billionaire-turned-politician has placed.

Retrieved from ” https: No longer living an average life, Valerie vowed revenge against all ghosts for ruining her life after being given a ghost hunting suit and gears from Vlad unbeknownst to her at the time. Lancer decides to give him another chance by letting him retake his test, but when Technus escapes and tries to take over the world by using his ghost powers in the game, Danny must pass his test quickly.


Sam is often the most pragmatic of the group, but she can be bossy at times episods is determined to stand up for what she believes in, particularly when environmental causes are involved.

Patricia Heaton as the Lunch Lady Ghost. Terminatra spends most of her time in the episode hunting down Paulina but attacks Danny when in the way. Skulker is now voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson for the rest of the show. When her determination to help leads her to hack into Danny’s computer, he can’t take it anymore and tells her she’s a “lousy ghost hunter, an overbearing sister, and an annoying, obnoxious know-it-all who has no respect for her brother’s privacy,” all in front of eavesdropping schoolmates.

For this, she gains power when people say her name, as is shown plasmisu her first appearance when she attempted to gain power by performing her song “Remember” live and broadcasting worldwide in the hope that everyone would chant her name at the same time and empower her.

Steve Marmel, Sib Ventress.

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He only speaks Esperanto and has the ability to go into both the Earth and the Ghost Zone at will by slashing through dimensions with his claws. Danny and Valerie are forced to work together by watching a child-like flour sack for health class, but neither of them demonstrate willingness to help the other.

He handcuffs them together on his island and hunts them, holding the sack as ransom.