I think this information need to go to the Vitamix engineers for consideration and review because it is more likely the cause. Obviously, something is wrong. I grabbed my credit card and bought the sucker — no more procrasinating …. Lorrie, any recipe not specifically designed for pre-programmed cycles is almost certainly interchangeable between the C-Series and G-Series models. The two caveats to this are 1 as of today the G-Series containers are not sold separately, and 2 the G-Series blenders are built with a. The controls on the Vitamix Professional Series feature a few noticeable improvements over the standard knob and dial configuration present on the Vitamix which make it a bit more versatile.

Would it be worth it to consider purchasing a smaller container in the future? Huge appreciate your analysis and comments!!! Another caveat to consider is that the motor in the is not as strong as those made today. If plan on making grain-grinding for flours a regular part of your blending routine, this would be a perfectly legitimate reason to consider this package. It comes paired with the standard 2-part vented lid which fits snuggly on top of the container and features a removable lid plug that makes it easy to add ingredients while the blender is running. Weightlifter and health nut. The product summary just indicate that it offers a searchable database of recipes online. Wow your site has been so helpful already!

Does it work on the ? Vitamix will often produce certain motor-base finishes or otherwise create a model specifically for certain retailers they have partnered with. Inge and Juli-Anne, I believe that significant research pertaining the chemical makeup of the copolyesters used in blender containers is still necessary.


Weightlifter and health nut. Hi i am looking into a vitamix, i want one with a variable speed. Often I receive inquiries referencing Vitamix model numbers prpfessional mentioned in this article.

Alexandra, thanks for your nice words about the site. Does it really make any sense at all that only three of the offshoots from plants that originated from grass have gluten?

It would not surprise me at all if you found one that was in excellent working condition. The Next Gens are more popular and I am a big fan of the ounce containers. I think you will quickly find that blending with a manually-operated Vitamix is not the daunting experience you might think. The Pro is a G-Series model with a slightly stronger motor and a shorter, wider ounce container than the standard containers that come with most C-Series models.

The cleaning process for all Vitamix models is the same and is not difficult at all. I bought a refurbished model as I could not afford a new one.

Vitamix Models: A Comparison Guide |

The motor bases of both are very similar in overall size. Each makes the trip back to Cleveland where technicians, using a point inspection processre-certify it to the exact same specifications as their new blenders. It comes in a variety of colors and with two different package options. All will include the 64 ounce container with the shorter, wider container, newly designed tamper, and hardbound Simply Fresh recipe book.

Magster, for delivery to Europe you cannot order Vitamix models from the U.

Professional Series

There does seem to be a slight rattling sound that comes from the drive socket at low speeds. Accordingly, profwssional usually come with higher price tags and shorter warranty durations while producing similar actual results to the home line models.


Best of luck to you. As you either already know or are now discovering for yourself, there are many options when it comes to high-performance blender manufacturers. I can see why Vitamix would not offer a glass container, but professuonal not offer those who do not wish to use plastic in any form, a carafe made of stainless steel? All standard containers are interchangeable, however, with the full line of home blenders as professjonal as the Vita-Prep 3.

Nknowing if it was too late to do anything after the fact I called customer service and spoke with a great guy professioonal Jeff. On a few occasions I have accidentally turned the blender on at full speed setting. An extra container can always be added down the road.

Vitamix Models: A Comparison Guide

He looked up my blender. It would be nice to buy one machine and different containers for different jobs…. The only potential difference I can see is noise.

How important is it??? Thanks again for your help! Also, can you tell me whether it comes with a cookbook. Compared to a Vitamix the Blendtec is a toy. Also i dont see any speed diference from 8 to Please consider my question as I eeries no where else to turn!!