In order to determine the bronze bulk composition without the need for removing the outer patina, the artifact has been modeled as a two layer object in Monte Carlo simulations. Detection and enumeration of Vibrio spp were performed according to previously published methods. In addition, Rickettsia massiliae, Rickettsia slovaca and Rickettsia aeschlimannii were detected in Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Dermacentor marginatus and Hyalomma marginatum marginatum ticks from foxes, swine, wild boars, and mouflon. Foraminiferal density and richness of species were variable across the study area. The outbreak showed extensive nosocomial transmission 44 of 80 cases. A worsening of the nutritional status with age was observed. In addition, we investigated the meaning and the diversity of these local place names in the various communities.

However, only few palaeosol records of this period have been reported from southern Italy in the literature so far. Although the geological constraints still drive the final decision, the proposed method improves the existing tools for a semi-automatic tracing of the boundaries. A GIS approach was used. This is denoted by i resorption effects and sharp transitions between Mg-rich and Mg-poor clinopyroxenes, indicative of pervasive dissolution phenomena followed by crystal re-equilibration and overgrowth, and ii reaction minerals found in amphibole coronas formed at the interface with more differentiated melts infiltrating within the cumulate horizon, and carrying the crystal-rich material with them upon eruption. The presence of Hepatitis A virus was detected by nested reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Tinea pedis was diagnosed in Our results are consistent with biochemical and morphological studies that suggest the existence of variants of T.

Analyzing wildfire exposure on MuwcasItaly. At the present time two research groups are engaged to space-geodesy activities in Sardinia: Age, sex, clinical form, illness duration, identified dermatophyte, source of infection, and treatment were recorded. In Sardinia Italythe second largest island of the Mediterranean Basin, forest fires are perceived as one of the main environmental and social problems, and data are showing that the situation is worsening especially within the rural-urban peripheries and the increasing number of very large forest fires.

Implications for management of edible sea urchin fishery are also discussed.

Giusta near Oristano, central-Western. Phyto-toponyms of Arbutus unedo L. The volcanic activity consists of a calcalkaline cycle with crustal component, which started in the late Eocene and ended in the Serravallian; another, mantle derived, alkaline-transitional cycle took place during Pliocene and ended in the middle Pleistocene.


The available samples looked fairly degraded, in particular as an easy plaster to crumble; so, some other analyses able to identify the degradation cause were performed.


In the first phase, the available digital data on land cover, geology and topography were processed and classified according to their influence on weathering processes and soil properties. Zinc isotope and transition-element dynamics accompanying hydrozincite biomineralization in the Rio Naracauli, SardiniaItaly.

Direct impacts are studied in a quantitative way by applying a range of climate scenario data on the empirically estimated relationship between climatic conditions and tourism vi,la, using two different approaches. Inthe age-standardized mortality rate x1, person-years among males was higher than in Italy Developing a Serious Game for decision making for the water-land-food-energy-climate Nexus in Sardinia-Italy: Evaluation of short purification cycles in naturally contaminated Mediterranean mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis harvested in Sardinia Italy.

The averaged ranks by disease over areas showed lung cancer among the three highest positions. Information on the genetic variation of this parasite is important for epidemiological studies and implementation of control programs. Diagnostic difficulties are discussed, with special attention to the origin of the pathomorphosis.


The results encourage further investigation to increase the knowledge of toxic species still debated in the Mediterranean. Different genetic markers were used to analyze 22 Mycobacterium bovis strains isolated from cattle in Sardinia and one human isolate. The sample of a study carried out in Sardinia was used as the control. Paralytic Shellfish Toxins and Cyanotoxins in the Mediterranean: A worsening of the nutritional status with age was observed. In deeper parts of the channel taxonomically diversified rhodoliths point to the mixing of re-deposited skeletal components from different relatively deep bathmetric settings.

External boundary delimitation of the edifices is discussed based on an integrated methodology using automatic elaboration of digital elevation models together with geomorphological and geological observations. The ruling of the Civil Court of Cagliari which has authorized its use to a Sardinian couple, has opened, in this way, a small crack to be able to asses possible modifications to the Italian regulation on this matter.


In this presentation we focus on all the stages of the development of the Serious Game for one of our Case Studies SardiniaItaly which is being used as a pilot example prior to wider rollout.

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MCs peak fagliari revealed in July for water and mussels belonging to Cabras lagoon 0. In the Sardinian case study, 27 disturbances have been evaluated, giving rise to the definition of a Disturbance Index ranging between 0 Pristine and 1 highly disturbed. The case study sites are within the Flumendosa river basin on Sardinia.

This paper reports on direct on P.

The notion that increased fire frequency and severity may reduce ecosystem resilience has received much attention in Mediterranean regions in recent decades. Geochemistry of sedimentary-derived migmatite from NE SardiniaItaly. Close collaboration with veterinary and educational programs within infant communities are required for adequate prevention. In environmental epidemiology, long lists of relative risk estimates from exposed populations are compared to a reference to scrutinize caglliari dataset for extremes.

Fjlm purpose of this work is to explore the impacts of extreme fire events occurred in Sardinia Island Italy using an integrated approach combining modelling cagliqri emissions, field observations and remotely-sensed data. GIS-supported mapping and documentation of the sites includes their geology and stratigraphy, the extension and layout of the quarries, and an evaluation of volumes of extracted rocks. We have developed a multivariate hierarchical Bayesian approach to estimate posterior rank distributions and we show how to produce league tables of ranks with credibility intervals useful to address the above mentioned inferential problems.

Semi-isolated, flat-topped carbonate platform Oligo-Miocene, SardiniaItaly: The parsimony cox1 network analysis indicated the existence of a common lineage for T.