Oh, it smells really bad. Don’t you run away like a coward! How ’bout I ask out Meredith and Beck just buys himself a hamster or something? And then, right in the middle of dinner? Ya know I’ve just collected a lot nickels and quarters And now I need to count them. La, la, la, la, la, la, la.

You have to whisper. A ha ha ha ha ha ha Hello Excuse me, Jade? I think you know me. It’s flapping its wings! Okay, the question is Do you want to wear my jacket? Yeah, they make some legit cupcakes.

But my head’s already been in here for six hours. Oh, you and Jade broke up months ago. We can go get some food or stay here. These two butt-cheeks paid s04r06 guy to ask me out on a date! Are Are you just gonna agree with everything I say? I think you know me. Just trying to pick a song for the Full Moon Jam.

Oh, okay, and if she found out you were snoodling with Vvictorious now Jade would explode like Trina’s too tight pants. I breathe it in to let it go. I can scream louder than you can even think about screaming! Are you trying to scream louder than me?!


It’s flapping its wings! Epiwodes Jade can be so much fun. What do you mean you have to count your jar of coins? So So now what? Who do you want?! See, you gotta stop doing this.

Tomorrow you’ll be everybody’s fascination.

I’ll push you back. I think he’s in my ear. Yeah, I should a told ya, this is a episofes place to hide from Jade.

Spisodes I can’t convince you. Alright, get your head outta there. I think I found him. You I mean, a girl who’s got strong opinions, you know, and a big mouth.

Victorious S04E06 Tori Fixes Beck and Jade Video

Yeah, um, I would, but today’s not good. Do you hear me?! Did you find a way to get him out yet? Her dad owns a cupcake shop! I, I just meant That I usually look disgusting but today I got lucky? Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Victorious Season 4 Episode 6

No, not at all! If the new girl had no head?


Today I have uh A big jar of coins And I gotta count them. Do you want me to wear your jacket? And you don’t know where you are now.

So, who’s your favorite teacher in this whole school? Go out with Meredith. Where’s Tori and Andre?! Sure, I would love to turn you up a little.

How much did ya pay him to ask Jade out? That you’re ungrateful to your friend who tried to fix you up with a cute girl?

You are a dangerous person. Hey Robbie, after school, ya wanna help me and Burf examine our Shh!

Yeah, they make some legit cupcakes. That’s how I like it! Ya know, Cat hasn’t dated anyone in a while.