During the festival, the group goes into the frozen sea and find Miuna and Manaka are connected through their feelings for Hikari. The following morning, Akari finds Hikari and Miuna asleep next to the wall outside the shop. The next day, Miuna feigns to have a fever in order to stay at home and take care of him. Hikari’s short temper towards Manaka leads to a series of events that culminate in her being caught by Tsumugu Kihara, the grandson of a fisherman, who also attends Mihama Junior High. While waiting for them to return, Miuna again hears the sound and is guided to the sea children’s old school, where she sees glimpses of how Hikari and the others’ days there used to be. But they shove her away, dropping it on the ground and cause a commotion in class.

After asking him earlier who he loved, Hikari tells Manaka that he does love someone. Later on the street, Kaname sees and calls her by name. The legend was the young woman who offered herself to the Sea God could not forget the loved one she left behind at the surface and in the end, the god let her go, but took something away from her as a price. But when she was taken back to the surface the cooling began once again. Despite being impressed at first with the offering, it does not take long for both sides to reignite their old feuds and start fighting. While preparing, Chisaki admits to Tsumugu that she is considering taking the place of the Ojoshi, but Tsumugu strongly objects. She’s still grateful for her feelings for him because she believes they made her the person that she is.

Retrieved from ” https: Hikari and Akari move to Itaru’s house. After Hikari’s friends depart, Hikari tells Miuna that Akari is a good person, but Miuna refuses to like her and claims that she has no one to love.

Now close by, Tsumugu tells Hikari that Urroko and Manaka’s ena are connected because of their shared love for Hikari.

As they arrive at the village, Chisaki shares what she learned from Isamu with Hikari. She does remember that she heard a voice she didn’t recognize telling her to “give something”.

Chisaki feels ill and Tsumugu takes her to the sea to restore her Ena. Works and directed by Toshiya Shinohara.


After school, the classmates gather for the final stretch finishing the Ojoshi-sama. To their surprise, Uroko-sama agrees to help them. He greets Miuna and reveals that he was listening when Hikari told him about Akira whom he wants to meet for the first time. At this point, the Sacred Flame responds and Hikari is finally able to break the barrier and rescue Miuna. The Color Of The Land.

Manaka tries to get Chisaki to accompany them to the infirmary, but Chisaki declines. saka

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Hikari and Manaka do their best to go on with the Ofunehiki, hearing that if the Sea God gets his powers back, the disaster that is to befall their world may be stopped. Chisaki rejects Tsumugu and flees back to the surface. Hikari xama him that he is overwhelmed by all the change he has seen and is afraid of seeing the same change in someone as close to him as Chisaki.

Sayu warns Miuna that one of their classmates intends to confess epiwode her on the occasion. Akira gives Manaka a letter in which he declares that he loves her. However, the real festival will not be held as the fishermen and the men from Shioshishio are at odds with each other. Home Sweet Home Maquia: He runs away only to be met by his father who tells him to return home. Sayu thinks that she too, like Miuna, is indeed “sick”.

Five years later, the sea over Shioshishio is frozen and the surface enters into a continued winter. Shocked by the confession, Chisaki dives into the sea.

While reliving some of their memories from their old school, Episoce asks Hikari about his feelings for Manaka. Meanwhile, Akari reveals to Uroko-sama that she was friends with Miuna and her family, and after Miuna’s mother died, she decided to take care of her and her father in her place, but with Miuna’s rejection, she decided to give up on it.

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Tsumugu has a brief encounter with his mother and he seems displeased upon seeing her. As Manaka and Hikari walk along the beach, she asks him if he remembers their talk from five years before when she said she would tell him something after the Ofunehiki. After hearing this, Hikari walks in acting as though he hadn’t heard any Manaka’s confession.


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The two separate and Hikari returns to find Sayu alone. Hikari rescues her, after which Miuna admits that she’s always liked Akari, but that she’s afraid she might one day again suffer the pain of loss as she did when her mother died. Her classmates laugh as she runs away into the forest in embarrassment. They reminisce about Miuna cheering up Akari up after she had found out that she was pregnant and was too worried about Hikari and the others to be happy with it.

Meanwhile, Hikari realizes that Manaka has lost her memories from several situations they had experienced together, including the time when he confessed his feelings to her. After a brief talk with Tsumugu, Manaka returns home and meets Hikari. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Manaka intervenes, and Hikari angry at how she was comfortable around another guy, pulls her into the sea with him.

Itaru reaffirms his intention to have Akari’s father and the rest of Shioshishio acknowledge their union. True Tears Canaan Angel Beats!

Uroio waiting for them in the music room, Chisaki asks Manaka if she likes Tsumugu. Hikari is informed that according to Uroko-sama, the Sea God’s power is weakening and thus the saltflake snow will keep falling urkoo cooling the world until it freezes, possibly killing all humans on the surface. The next day, Chisaki discovers Tsumugu is making a watering hole but wishes Tsumugu wasn’t so nice. But when she was taken back to the surface the cooling began once again.

She then apologizes to Hikari for urpko so much, but Hikari says she hasn’t changed at all. Chisaki learns of Hikari’s return but refrains from meeting him.