After another week of promotion, I am looking forward to some time off in June. I am very grateful to all the loyal fans that turned out to support us. I went straight off to Oldenburg next day, met up with Uli Kringler and played more or less straight through to April 22nd. In my early twenties I made my first proper band demos in a little studio in London, using a number of those Scottish players; this led to a production deal to make what would be my first album. With Iain Matthews as an added surprise guest and Uli Kringler playing guitar, it was a night to remember and the beautiful church was sold out again with nearly guests attending. I met and made friends with Sylvie Simmons, legendary ex-pat British author and journalist, who writes for Mojo in the UK. I had a few days to acclimatise and bumped into several colleagues and old friends — Syd Straw, Willie Nile, Mark Johnson, Sara Hickman, Mark Hallman and Todd Thibaud — and I even managed, despite her more recently acquired superstar status, to get some quality time with Lucinda Williams.

Please send me a message to the guestbook if you do. Interview guests this time included Spencer Davis, Tony Sheridan and the original barmaids from the Star Club and Beatles scholar Mark Lewisohn was among the many familiar faces attending. The album will get a second run when it comes out in the UK after Christmas and there are still plans afoot with Blue Rose for a Christmas surprise. The public days are Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th, and though they are slightly manic, the fair is always well worth a visit if you have an interest in music-making of any kind. As I said last month, if you would like to make sure that a particular song is on the set list for the tour, you can contact me via the guestbook. I always try and reply sooner or later. For anyone interested in buying a copy of the German book, if you click on the cover on this page it will take you directly to Amazon.

Uli Kringler who has been playing guitar with me this year has helped put together the musicians, bringing in Hamburg-based American Fontaine Burnett on bass and Dave Mette on drums.

Since it is so close to the German border it is only a short drive for residents of Kempen and not far from Cologne or Oberhausen. The tail-end of last year ended up being quite busy. This last week cineka travelling has been somewhat overshadowed by the volcano eruption in Iceland, but more on that later. It was great to catch up with him and we discussed working together again next year. Greetings to all of you out there kind enough to drop by my website.


I will shortly be adding a gallery of band shots taken during the September tour and a page dedicated to the upcoming Nicky Hopkins book as well. It seemed to work and it was a thrill to sign a couple of dozen English books for the first time. The show in the Kulturkirche was an absolute joy — well organised, well attended and with the added bonus of the cunema appearance of old friends Helmut Zerlett and Rosko Gee for half a dozen songs from our Can Studio days. I crossed paths with John a few more times over the years, even playing with him once in Dublin.

I was not very well informed at that point about the various chemical aids to staying awake and just thought that John was very, very hyped up.

I arrived for my second set of dates by plane, in time for my guest spot with CSNY tribute band 4 Way Street, who were celebrating their 15th anniversary in Rendsburg, N.

Hi all, Here I am again after what I see is a six-week gap since my last posting. In my early twenties I made my first proper band demos in a little studio in London, using a number of those Scottish players; this led to a production deal to make what would be my first album.

Penn and from Daniel Tashian and his girlfriend Kelly. We had been trying out a new onstage set-up with just one condenser microphone in front and both agreed that having no leads and no monitors added a new and wonderful dimension to our already caf performances. At my desk again, where else? Luckily I have a handful at home.

Both my other shows in Holland went really well too kirngler I have been asked back, which is always nice. Reading excerpts from it in German to a large audience was extremely nervewracking and makes one realise that one has a lot to learn.

I have had some commitments from some of the greatest rock photographers of all time for wonderful, often unseen pictures of my subject and, even at this late stage, some surprising interviews have come in.

Uli Kringler — Blessed Be Your Name download Mp3, Listen Free Online

I played my own set ciema ended oringler performing together with all the acts on the bill, including three songs with RT at the end. I was on the road solidly from August 27th to October 3rd and again from Kringlfr 14th to 21st. I woke up this morning to an e-mail from Dan Burke from Chicago, a good friend whom I met on flight UA when we landed in Newfoundland back in — one of a number of close friendships that stemmed from that time and those events.


After a few twenty-hour days the other four hours spent asleep, trying to get rid of the pain in my very red eyes I sent off the manuscript a week ago and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

God of Wonders

I sang with all three of my kids in various combinations and felt like the Von Trapp Family. Your smiling faces and enthusiasm made up for any difficulties we experienced on the road. Our rehearsal boosted my confidence, as both Bev and the songs sounded great and as soon as we were ciinema up at Bliss Studios, everything fell into place really quickly and we came out after three intense days with five fine kringldr tracks.

The album will get a second run when it comes out in the UK after Christmas and there are still plans afoot with Blue Rose for a Christmas surprise. See you in September. Thanks for the good ull and cards that came in over Christmas time. A few phone calls to my closest friends established that they all survived pretty much intact, but there were poignant stories of huge numbers of vintage instruments completely destroyed: I will miss him and am glad he left us so much fantastic music to remember him by.

Sometimes it seems like the only news I post here concerns another friend or colleague uoi has left us. I wrote four of the songs with Dan, two with Gene Pistilli, one with Iain Matthews and one with Rosie Flores — the remainder are all my own work.

Meanwhile I feel increasingly grateful for the fact that I can still go out and do what I love and so far still be paid. I had a lovely run of solo shows and made not one but two surprise appearances with Wolfgang Niedecken and his group BAP. When I get back I should be able to read the printer proofs of the German publication to check them before they are printed.

It will be an anniversary as well as a farewell tour for Plainsong, as it has become harder and harder to get all four of us in one place. I went off in early December krnigler my handful cinems shows in Germany and Holland. I went backstage to visit the band it turned out I knew two or three of them from Londonsaw my CD of songs passed on to a personal manager, picked up my signed LP and lo and behold, in walked Sir Cliff himself with a bottle of champagne for cinwma musicians.