The report ruled out the mandatory reporting- of trans- actions above a certain value as a measure ag a i ns t money launderi ng. Lend Me a Tenor Royals. It said it was concerned that neither the hank of England nor Commit- tee of London and Scottish Bankers bad been able to pro- pose improvements in the law against money laundering. Peo- ple initially built their homes around those facto ries. New York City Ballet. Hie highest proportion will be those with professional and managerial jobs, whose work is mainly analytical and self-contained. The market would also obtain greater flexibility in using Its mbs capacity.

Public buildings and work places are included in toe schemes — which bear more relationship to the m odel villages of the 19th and early 20th century than to any more recent suburban sprawl. Playwrights, such as Mr Vaclav Havel, the doyen of the o p pos it ion, kept the light and hope burning through plays. It has no fewer than curves, 34 stations, 83 bridges gx tunnels. The muaeum Is die- ploymg around 61 pdeoes from Sown collections as well as some additional paintings on loan from East Germany and by other artiste who belonged to tba same Munich-based group. His task was to guide the Socialist Party on to Its next edngressfei April and to then turn it over to a new younger leadership In time far fee elec- tions. Daily until- January 21 except bank holidays. Involving the West German. Over workshops have And the task will continue as the two agencies been built or created from conversions.

Both portfolios will be sold by competitive tender on the basis of short listing for each portfolio. Out detects potential or aetata! Portfolio A comprises 63 estates, concentrated mainly in the central belt of Scotland totalling S million square feet, and portfolio B, 13 estates p rimari ly in the Glasgow and Dundee areas totalling 2 million square feet. That is why negotiations over a common external airline policy are likely to go well beyond how to inte- grate the countries of the European Free Trade Association into a com- mon EC air transport framework.

Besides being spectacular, the ride has its charms. The metallic elements Mock more than SMS per cent erf the electrical field emitted from tiie face of the computer. Socialists quickly reached agreement on the measures, they.

Merging, acquiring, restructuring, looking for advice on debt and equity finance throughout Europe, the United States and the Far East — we are best suited to help you through the financial and legal maze either at home or abroad. They outline their catego- ries, which rdy heafrOy on mil- itary imagery, in the latest edi- tion of the European Business Review.

This hit its core business of supplying electro- plating materials to the metal finish- ers of the West Midlands.


A heavy-set, florid man, with the self-assurance of a politician 30 yean in office. We will want more guarantees from the developer. The thfad like a naval flotfibu It bottta a wide range of weapons agd. Almost three dozen painting?

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Like all Canon business machines, Canon data processing products are designed and mamfactured with a singfc aim in mind. At least 41 species of bird, including the.

He gave no details but Business Day, tiie Johannesburg financial daily, said last week the Government planned to cut the defence bud- get by as much as R1. Zack Brown’s production con- ducted by composer Gian Carlo Menotti is a one-act retelling of the story of the Bethlehem shepherd boy whose life is changed by the visit of the three kings following a star.

Less attention has been paid to how be proposes to reconcile his apparent decision to tighten the rules on house building, without lowering the target number of houses to be builL The government’s critics and On othar pages: H K Hnfcs M. There is 3019 talk of some flexibility in the Interim period for normal economy fazes.

Yet the pressures are by no means ail one way: The West German market for digital mobile phones watcb considered by many to be the most attractive in Europe because of the size and wealth of the population. He Bank of England’s calls for prudence in the sector, expressed by Mr Robin Leigb- Pemberton, the Governor, have as their background the fear that a foreign bank, having lurched into a market it does not understand, might Lose its nerve.

These are cov- ered under the Federal Rail- way Law of by the Gov- ernment Sm wtnt nnIt justifies its existence on many levels.

The Communications Workers of America, a major trade union, reports that 30 to 60 xteel cent of its members who use computer terminals have symptoms. One way to reduce the impact on the environment would be to encourage greater use off public transport, but there arc practical difficulties to be overcome.

The City expects retail sales vol- ume to have risen by 0. This may well be in the inter- ests of the company and the national economy but is unlikely to help localised eco- nomic regeneration, Prof May says.

Full text of “Mookerjees Magazine, Vol.4”

It was the most devastating ground assault against the government since it embarked on the war a gainst the drug cartels in August Wednesday’s explosion also wounded people and destroyed most of the head- quarters of the security and intelligence agency.

After Stalin’s death inas if from nowhere, those bourgeois Aiheral communists who had survived, nudged their colleagues in the insti- tutes to write. National military service, which is compulsory only for white males, has proved increasingly unpopular in recent years and has been con- demned by business leaders as a drain on the country’s lim- ited pool of skilled labour.


Is the interna- tional business language,” says Brown. There is virtual unanimity among forecasters about the deterioration In competitive- ness over recent months.

It is simply necessary to direct potential customers through advertising to a freephone number, which is answered by a computer. The muaeum Is die- ploymg around 61 pdeoes from Sown collections as well as some additional paintings on loan from East Germany and by other artiste who belonged to tba same Munich-based group.

Unfortu- nately, although anecdotal evidence is plentiful, there are no reliable statistics. Yet in the same period, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, fum- ing incomes across Britain fell by 25 per cent. MtawRb fa Rural acre is toe national charily looking toe made end problem of people who work and five in sma3 towns and vftaaes.

The apparent paradox of rising land prices and falling farm incomes is explained because newly-affluent people are com- peting to move to the country to improve their quality of life. Instead, the badly discredited Commu ni st Party now desper- ately seeks some credibility from its association wife the socialists. Afterthe digital systems are expected to eclipse the analogue network rapidly.

Tte bolder cf a Aare woerxa: It has also been carefully monitoring pop- ular phone-in radio pro- grammes and has kept in close fawrfi with retailers. Once alleged drug moneyjp traced, police and customs am- cers apply for a court order to freeze foe cash which may be seized cm conviction.

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RIC has already proved to be a success in America. Grand Hotel Martin Bede. If its manage- ment hasn’t got at least some know- ledge of English, then that’s likely to be a major problem as far as develop- ing that business 3019 concerned.

Lend Me 3109 Tenor Royals. In effect, ndng – fee communists to dls- mmitio their control of fee state. A group of 40 women managers who used computers showed a 90 per eatch lower than normal rate erf miscarriages.

The Socialist Party, which the yeaivald politician has led sincehas gained remarkable popularity despite Its past role as a willing accomplice of the communists. If only because soils, climate and managerial efficiency differ so markedly: Tbe outlook for capital expenditure is even gloomier.