Cakap Kelantan pun dah tak fasih. Mereka hidup dengna cara hidup mereka. It was only after the Malayan Union was formed that the concept of citizenship was created. Wish I were paid to do so! They talk nothing but religion. Can you also see that everyone, including you, are different from others in almost every way? Chinese are proud about their literature such that in this country, they will not gave up Chinese school. Furthermore, in this country the the facilities which promote education such as the public libraries are not at par in terms of volume of books, multimedia facility and accessibility with most developed countries.

When one takes more, the rest has to made do with less. By your own admission, you are just a blind believer. That is why the emphasis on English had been made back then. This is what the Prophet pbh was concerned. In Perak we have a site where we had buried by-products of tin mining amang which had been processed to become radioactive and which was used to colour television. Salam Tun, Saya tidak faham seseorang bercerita berkaitan sejarah hanya berdasarkan logik. Mungkin pada masa itu Melayu bukan beragama Islam ada pendapat mengatakan Melayu pada waktu itu menganut agama Nabi Ibrahim.

But I am sorry to say and breaks your eppisode magnified high and mighty self perception. You know why the British cared about pulling together other races in the s before granting independence to Malaya?

Dear Raja Chulan, The original religion of the malay at that time was Hindu, Parameswara was Hindu, manusi same goes to the Kedah Tua government at that time. Dear YABhg Tun to ekomputer, apparently you are very stupid and i am so pity of you.

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Maknanya Org Cina walau di mana pun dia berada, sifat dan sikap keCinaaan ttg sebati dlm diri mereka. Everything in Islam is subject to rational pursuit. There are now thousand of fiber optic cables under the sea that make up most of the WWW possible. Kindly show us your calculations how you arrived at this crazy numbers: The variables are different.


Shoved it down you throat you landblubbers…washed it with coke for all I cares. Bubbles quotes George Bernard Shaw who said: However, the Hraimau also says human are daif, weak and imperfect. It just goes to shows that the system have gone to the dogs!!

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As what I can tell right now, this topic is a very emotional topic to be discussed. NUS is now number tujuhh in the world……. They are a complete contradiction to you. The moment you try to be too clever and find your own interpretation without manuusia referring to the Quran, you expose yourself as being naive so much so even being offensive and insulting to the muslims.

The Chinese never consider their culture inferior then the west especially Japan. Saya jadi malu dgn gelaran Harimua yg dia pakai pd pangkal nama. Unfortunately, there are not many and I can only remember one. They must acquire important skills that will empower them. I am sure islam is the biggest thing missing in your life.

Satu case study ttg kawan Cina Kelantan saya. The Malay society must participate in this field to ensure that they are not left behind but one point that you missed in harmiau calculation is that our country and in most country, the decision making is not made by Scientist or Technologist.

To illustrate to you a bit about Science and Technology. It was only later that they realised that the residual radiation would cause a variety of radiation sickness and diseases.

B It is ok for anybody for having diferrences of opinion. The Aztecs, the Mayas, the Incas had recognisable states.

This should be just a piece of cake for you… PS. If so, i will surely say so in another blog when i see him again. It can be eplsode by certain countries only. Org Melayu yg berkedudukan dan berstatus tinggi dlm kerajaan mula bergelumang dgn rasuah yg menjadi-jadi. But truth be told, anything written is always part truth and part fiction, whether it be a novel, a memoir, a biography, or an autobiography.


I believe the Quran is the revelation from Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of God. Mereka jugak diberi layanan khas apabila hendak membawa kenderaan mereka tanpa membayar cukai pun, padahal rakyat sendiri terpaksa menyeluk poket masing masing membayar cukai kerajaan!

Masa itu kot kita nak bersatu manusia sejagat. Ketika itulah wujudnya negeri-negeri selat, negeri-negeri Melayu bersekutu dan tidak bersekutu. If you feel strongly of your views then do something to change your fate. But why stop there? Mereka hidup dengna cara hidup mereka. Kami tidak pula persoalkan kenapa tidak boleh sbb kita satu Malaysia. I sincerely pray for that.


Kami akan memanggil bapa beliau lebih rendah dari Apek jika kami mahu. Syed Alwi Alsree, I missed out your earlier comment as below, Your comment, To be a scientifically advanced culture — you must produce substantial numbers of discoveries, patents, important research papers in international journals and so on. 5511 such thing, Mr ekompute. Pork eating is forbidden in islam as mention in Surah Al Maedah.

They do not hold test tubes, but they do know what is good music.

Berdasarkan pengalaman berniaga, Org Cina lbh terbuka dan jujur dlm berniaga. Goh Keng Swee is in the economics major.