Better than Sunday school. An error has occured. Leary quietly conveys an inner anguish and rage that I’ve seldom seen equaled on film. A group of Irish living in the typical neighborhood where a man makes the rules. A surprisingly blunt and direct look at the type of Bostonians you don’t want to meet in the alley behind “Cheers”. It was more character than plot driven and is lean on the violence, so shoot ’em up freaks will be disappointed. The set-up, however, is gripping and well-done.

Tragic and beautiful in its story. It did add a rather interesting element to the story of the movie of having law enforcement officials who tended to look the other way when things went down in the neighborhood. Share this Rating Title: The late Ted Demme directed, and personally I enjoyed this more than his better known ‘Blow’. An error has occured. This is a perfect example of how good directing and acting can make a big difference on a common and somewhat predictable script.

The ending was unique, and given the violent nature of the demise of many of the main characters, a fitting end. Neely in a brief but amusing cameo. Take it from a Bostonian, there’s no sugar coating on this one. Classics 90s I’ve Been Meaning to Watch. Tragic and beautiful in its story. This was a thoroughly average film that wasted every actor in it.

The idish work does not add to the movie, Martin Sheen does not add grit or realism, and the climax is overplayed. As I write this, the Boston Police Dept.

Emotion, which is a major element of this film is what drives Leary’s character throughout the film. Whitey was found guilty on 31 counts, including racketeering charges.

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Edit Storyline After being released from prison, Mickey goes back to his hometown, only to find that murder and revenge is taking brother for brother and friend for friend until the vicious circle of bloody violence finally comes around to him.


Residents walking their dogs would know to steer clear of this street for fear mb their pet stepping on a used needle or picking up an empty heroin bag. You can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on the screen — there’s a scene in a cab when he reminded me A LOT of Jimmy Cagney — he’s just that intense.

I grew up in this town of Charlestown a very strong irish neighborhood people here call themselves townies. The film gives a true to life look at working class Boston and some of the situations that people are in. And the code of silence rules absolutely.

The film doesn’t pretend to be critic with the political system, because it shows just a small neighborhood where even the policemen are Irish. Senate, you’ll see a lot more parallels from this movie. They all got what they deserved, with the exception of their Irish cousin. Not a flaw in his performance, and we are talking about serious acting in a real drama here. At first, I was a bit uncertain as to whether or not it was worth my time watching it, but I gave it a chance any how.

Depressing to a point, yet in the end you feel that perhaps Bobby Leary has done whats nessecary. It looks right, and feels right. Lucian-4 20 August Its very much like it but there were many more murders and alot more police arrests.

Still it was entertaining and touching. It is in Charlestown Chucktown to townies. Welcome to Schlarb, Ohio No one moves from those dirty and dark streets.

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This is definitely a dark movie but it is also one with an amazing dialogue and excellent acting. Its contains many small touches that distinguish this film from similar tough Irish hood films, like Southie. Andrew Square, for example, still has the ghosts of brutality about it. If you like movies like Force of Evil, Friends of Eddie Coyle and other hard-edged crime pictures, check it out. Take your teen-age kids to see it. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?


Add the first question. Boston is rife with revolutionary history due to its role as a commercial center and home to some of the radicals we remember today like Samuel Adams after whose namesake the Boston Lager was brewed and John Adams. Share this Rating Title: That being said, most of the people I’m around all the time don’t make a habit of going around and shooting people.

Townies – Boston Irish Mob

The characters and dialog are A1, Dennis Leary really impressed me. About Advertise with us.

I was surprised to see him do such a convincing job. The movie is well written, allowing him to show how well he can do this. Okay, I’ll state loudly and up-front that Denis Leary gives the best performance of the year in “Monument Ave.

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The late Ted Demme directed, and personally I enjoyed this more than his better known ‘Blow’. You hownies be welcomed not only by arctic winds, thigh-high snow and terrifying icicles hanging off the roofs, but also by bitter humans who are struggling from an ungodly combination of bone-chill, the flu, seasonal affectiveness disorder and daunting daily transportation issues.

It also suggests, along towjies the better-than-it-had-a-right-to-be Beautiful Girl, that Ted Demme was just tapping the surface of potentially great career when he died. Its in the after affect of the violence which is major element in the film that Leary and the rest of the cast shines.