List of Total Drama characters. Retrieved June 4, I swooned over her pretty hard for the way she looked and acted, but that swooning increased even more when she revealed her true nature, What can I say? Since then, Total Drama has become an international franchise and one of the biggest successes for Fresh TV. Cody, Eva, Ezekiel, Noah, Katie, Sadie, and Tyler do not return to compete but still appeared for the aftermath special, an extra show which was hosted by Bridgette and Geoff, the first two eliminated contestants. The th episode of the whole series aired in Canada on February 27, , with the producers very happy of this milestone. Pahkitew Island both make up the fifth and final season of the Total Drama series which were ordered by Cartoon Network in October as 26 episodes.

All-Stars currently holds a 5. Challenges are sometimes based on other reality shows like Fear Factor and Survivor. The Ridonculous Race was created by Fresh TV which takes place in the same universe as the current show. San Pedro Sula, Roatan. This is a list of all the seasons that have aired with the original Canada air dates shown below along with basic elements for each season. It first premiered on September 7, , on Cartoon Network and later premiered on January 4, , on the Canadian version of Cartoon Network.

The names of all the contestants who have competed in the first five seasons phkitew Eliminated contestants are sent packing toward the Dock of Shame and must ride the Boat of Losers off the island.

Retrieved 30 April My kokoro is brokoro…. It premiered on the Canadian cable television specialty channel Teletoon in Canada on July 8,and on the American cable television channel Cartoon Network in the United States on June 5, Challenges are sometimes based idland other reality shows like Fear Factor and Survivor. Revenge of the Islandis set back at Camp Wawanakwa, but this time the island is radioactive.


October 8, [80]. Archived from the original on January 4, The fourth season, Total Drama: Retrieved June 19, The Total Drama series is the original series of the greater Total Drama franchise, which consists of six seasons that have aired during a timeframe of eight years: Sky used Dave and just led him on. Total Drama Pahkitew Island. Characters of the Total Drama series.

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List of Total Drama characters. This toal takes place at Camp Wawanakwa, a fictional island located somewhere in MuskokaOntario where the season is based on a summer camp theme although a contestant is eliminated at the end of every episode. Archived from the original on October 28, Total Drama was made available for purchasing on iTunes until December 5,but still available on Amazon Prime, with the exception of The Ridonculous Race.

Archived from the original on January 31, On December 22,the series was renewed for a second season.

The Ridonculous Race as contestants. Two new characters, Alejandro and Sierra, also joined the cast at the beginning of this season.

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January 5, [21]. Retrieved June 11, Archived from the original on June 28, JavaScript is required to view this site.

A month after the American debut of Total DramaRamaMcGillis confirmed there would be no more new seasons of Total Dramaciting the lack of a “market for this experience in the wider entertainment marketplace” as the main reason for the cancellation of the series.


As ofspoikers first season has been shown in over countries [12] while the entire franchise has been seen in at least Dimensionpants Chop Chop Ninja Challenge. Archived from the original on May 25, Other voice actors include Brian Froudwho voices contestants Harold and Sam and is the only other phakitew actor who has the main role in every season. Learn what sets this island apart from your other options in the Latin Tropics.

Cartoon Network also had their own Total Drama website from to which was very similar to the Canadian one, [84] but was only exclusive to viewers in the United States.

Since then, Total Drama has become an international franchise and one of the biggest successes for Fresh TV. Introduced in Total Drama Island First generation: September 4, [9] [25]. People are eliminated by jumping off the Drop of Shame.

Revenge of the Island”. April 12, [22].

Fifteen of the original characters from previous returned: Archived from totzl original on April 20, Retrieved December 27, Archived from the original on October 14, April 3, [78]. Like the whole series, this season is a competition to see which of the twenty-two contestants will survive and last the longest.

In this season, seventeen contestants are taken on a trip around the world as they compete in cultural themed challenges based on the countries or regions that dama visit.