George Clooney, Grant Heslov Writer: The hand-picked cast is superb. His mistakes seem minor and understandable. What is your breaking point? Where is the line between realist and idealist? Perfect, a self-righteous do-gooder, he’s savvy; he knows which buttons to push. Even though Steven is not a Mr. You might be surprised that Clooney actually minimizes the political meanderings, though he does get in a few jabs at the Republicans.

In Fracture it was the legal system, where, again, his character, Willy Beachum, faced this same temptation when his partners urged him to falsify evidence in order to put away a fiend that they knew to be guilty, yet could find no proof against. A cauldron of conflicting genuine and perceived realities is brewing. While the story is more predictable in nature, the script has some great lines and Clooney’s direction is quite, quite admirable. All the clever lines are stolen by Giamatti, who, I am predicting, will come away with the only acting nomination for the film. An idealistic staffer for a new presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail. The film begins with the set-up so we get a feel for just how strong or weak of character each of these men are. The second is a sequence between Stephen and a 20 year old campaign intern named Molly Evan Rachel Wood , who also happens to be the daughter of the Chairman of the DNC. Language Set favourite s Login.

The two consult each other daily.

Like most staffers, Steven believes in Morris; he thinks that if the man is elected president, good things will happen. Englsh says this while gently poking fun at his opponent’s Christian beliefs.

All the clever lines are stolen by Giamatti, who, I am predicting, will come away with the only acting nomination for the film. Also, amazingly, Tom has been courting Sjbtitles to “switch sides” while a respected, determined journalist, Ida Marisa Tomei is eager for any and all campaign stories.

The Ides of March (2011) – English subtitles

Clooney also directs and the smartest move he made was assembling an ensemble cast of some of the best actors working today. Englush will be the result? The broader ideas are not all it has to offer, but lie over the top of the solid story foundations to be properly examined upon the reflection that takes place after viewing, as they should.


Even though Steven is not a Mr. Because that’s how it maarch supposed to be, right?

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Wood steals her scenes with ease. Even Evan Rachel Wood, as a new intern in Morris’ camp, turns in a splendid performance. One day, she makes a pass at Stephen and he responds positively. We see just how talented Stephen Gosling character is at handling the words that Clooney speaks and we see Paul PSH in full back room politico maneuvering.

He believes in the good of the Governor. While not exactly exposing revelatory truths, The Ides of March is supremely well-acted drama that moves at a measured, confident clip.

While the story is more predictable in nature, the script has some great lines and Clooney’s direction is quite, quite admirable. The final shot of film is superb.

All I will say is that Paul Giamati, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood mafch Marisa Tomei all give exceptional performances as the key figures involved, and that each of their characters, and at one stage or another, harbours a deadly secret. He’s smart and passionate and makes a good campaign manager. The refreshing part, is that this isn’t about election night and who is going to win and who is going to lose. The only thing missing is a confrontation between Giamatti and Hoffman.

This podnapiso one of those films where the individual pieces are actually more interesting than the whole pie. What is your breaking point? It is an insistence that frustrates Stephen, and indeed his entire team as they see guaranteed victory is within their grasp if he only concedes to idess the slightly disagreeable Senator Thompson although neither Jeffrey Wright nor Clooney exactly make it clear what it is that Morris dislikes about him.


He’s the good od and his opponent is the bad guy. Where is the line between realist and idealist?

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Giamatti’s last scene with Gosling is a work of art. For example, simply feeding the press in the person of Marisa Tomei the occasional tidbit doesn’t mean that the media will be an extended PR arm for Morris. A Confidential in the police force, and now George Clooney, as both writer and director, has brought us another razor-sharp political drama that reveals how cutthroat and sinister working in the government can be, even if creating a “free world” is purportedly the overall goal.

It’s clear that The Ides of March won’t be for everyone. Jeffrey Wright nails his brief time as a desperate Senator negotiating the best deal possible. It’s all about one’s level of paranoia. The Ides of March isn’t a story just about the back-alley dealings of those seeking to gain power; it’s a morality tale of how much one must wrestle between doing things because he feels they are the right thing to do and doing things that will serve themselves better in the long run.

Cat and mouse games ensue and we see just who is the master manipulator amongst a group of professionals. This is more character drama It’s highly cynical, with its points driven pkdnapisi by a terrific cast, and yet it manages not to be heavy handed or preachy. Duffy oozes cynicism and seems to have lost the rule book that Paul holds so dearly. Subtotles Gosling portrays another robust yet ultimately inadequate young businessman attempting to marrch in a challenging line of work.

The few references to actual political gaffes are obvious and just done for comic relief.