To make matters worse, Kin suddenly finds out that Yu suffers from tumor in her spine and that it may become life-threatening. The Hippocratic Crush promo poster. As a medical student, I have to say this series did quite well in portraying the medical field with 25 episodes. Tavia was different than how I expected her to be. Zi Yu is back to work at the hospital as a doctor her primary wish, to continue her profession. I used to watch Korean dramas, but they are extremely contrived and drag on one conflict for 3 episodes.

Zi Yu secretly goes looking for it, she finds it but her sickness acts up. Like Many and Ben, too rushed!!! They smile at each other. Her firm expressions made her very well-suited as the introverted, determined Mei Suet. Quite satisfied reading reviews at your blog. Every little bit helps. We are human and cannot save everybody -The best clinical outcome might not be what the patient wants -We face ethical decisions every day. This dream relieves Mom.

On a relative note, the show bowed out at a series high with an average of 37 points and peaking at 39 points. Hoppocratic without further ado….

Other than that, I agree with every word you said. This is a highlights post rather than a real recap. I thought the dance eummary was hilarious because everyone was doing a different dance.

September 15, at 3: Her tears and emotions are so well conveyed. Login or Register before you can reply to Magic. The generally successful fresh cast. I actually never read reviews, I just skim them for the most part … but i actually love your writing style. Login or Register before you can reply to NP. Andy the intern and the dude who ended up with Kei Kei.


But, to be fair, he had a great script with interesting fellow characters to work with. Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry.


You took the words right out of my mouth! Definitely one of the best dramas released in Until next time, The Hippocratic Crush. Haha, only in TVB land would that work out well! He confesses that he choose not fall asleep. Half a year later: Kin took great care of his brother and worked hard to earn enough money to send his brother for an overseas’s education.

Cardiothoracic surgery specialist consultant Married to Phoebe. Yat Kin and Mom take it especially harsh, Mom even elisode from the news. One bad thing after another for him, seriously Yat Kin chases after Zi Yu just to witness her in severe back pain.

Notify me of new comments via email. TVB dramas in This drama owns me heart and soul. This site uses cookies. Her firm expressions made her very well-suited as the introverted, determined Mei Suet.

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List of programmes broadcast by 8TV Malaysia. Login or Register before you can reply to pandamao. They are a very important part of the hospital environment!


After multiple years of rushed or even absurd e. Neither romanticized nor glorified, the characters could sometimes feel a bit too real to be admirable e.

Raymond Lam’s latest album is out!!! Overall this is a good series and I would like to hippocraitc a sequel to it. And well, there was the baby the between wing and her husband. With this kind of acting and this kind of face, this kid is worth looking out for in the coming years.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Oh, forgot to mention: At home Yat Kin does nothing everyday and night. The Hippocratic Crush will always have a special place in my heart. The number of premarital babies frustrated me. I looked forward to every scene with him in it.

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From the medicalto the romance, to the family plots is just so much awesomeness. March 18, at 8: They got married because of the baby. Which also brings me to my point of the sequel.

Yes, the English title is splendid.