Then, the girl whom had crushed on the oblivious Phineas, came into the backyard. Whatch-” Candace began; seeing a death stare from Isabella. She shook her head. Frawg shook one of his stumps at the elephant-bee in what was either supposed to be a threat or a hug request. She turned into a right corridor that she hoped would lead her to an elevator. Her mom was not going to be happy about this. At this point, Candace was convinced that Suzy was actually a criminal mastermind who got plastic surgery to look like a child because no police force on the planet would ever dare to arrest a four year old girl.

Second, can I open my presents now? Besides, he was good for kissing practice. Buford Van Stomm voice Lorenzo Lamas But what happens when Candace is surprisingly kidnapped by Meap’s arch-nemesis, Mitch? They led her to an empty room, locking the door once she was settled at the single mirror. Meap asks Phineas and his friends to help stop and apprehend a group of intergalactic criminals who are hiding in St.

Absolutely Disastrous Ch 9 Ch 9: Do you mind turning me around? Oh no you don’t! And where’s my inator? I like that, makes the forum a little more interesting. Perry the Platypus appears You can go back home, Perry. The ship door opened, and Meap climbed out. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

You stand no chance! They led her to an empty room, locking the door once she was settled at the single mirror. I Want to Live. What is Jerry the Platypus doing here? Afterwards, we’ll take over this world and my own world! Staring into the void and contemplating his meaningless existence was far easier than dealing with his subordinates. Candace Flynn voice Thomas Brodie-Sangster Baljeet dodged a rock that jutted out of the water, narrowly avoiding getting one of his skis knocked off.


You know what I mean! Comment characters left. No need to shove me.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro voice Dan Povenmire It would probably tie him over until they got back and figured out what they could do with him. His body crushed, and him annoyed; Doctor Doofenshmirtz cried out in kf.

Answer me, Perry the Platypus! Besides, he was good for kissing practice. If I want to put it on FF. Perry gets in a jet outside the church, he gestures for Dr. As a matter of fact, I object to this union.

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Cartoons Phineas and Ferb. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Meap to the Future. Besides, I have History wpisode to do, and Then everything faded into blissful silence. What am I doing?

Baljeet grabbed a towel, glaring at Buford as he wiped the mess out of his hair. Or lightly tapping me, in your case. Posts Topics Advanced Search.

The Chronicles of Meap: Parts 1 & 2

Meap used the Laser from his mouth, it hitting Heinz Doofenshmirtz; leaving him unconscious. Candace is seen in a wedding dress with an amulet hung by a chord showing around her neck, her eyes are pink.

A fanfic of the never created episode. She always lies to the enemy, chroniles she never lies to us. A loud siren blared through the building, and she yelped and covered her ears. Buford inhaled deeply, then blew out the candles in one powerful breath.


Gently setting Suzy on his lap, Jeremy leaned down and placed a large kiss on her finger. He pointed to the curtain; which opened up; exposing the multiple Time Traveling Machine Vehicles Bicycle, Skateboard, etc. Meap jerked the wheel to the left, barely avoiding a large asteroid which threatened to crash through one of the side engines. I don’t feel like giving you all the details. You’re our only epixode

Meap Me in St Louis Chapter 1: Intro, a phineas and ferb fanfic | FanFiction

Unfortunately, the nearest aliens were the Martians, who were infamous for being one of the more primitive races of the universe, since they tended to break any kind of technology that came their way. Isabella enters, she fires the gun at them, breaking Cadence’s amulet, epsode blinks twice.

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Can Perry stop the callous plan of the diabolical chroniclea D. As he passed by Phobos, he noticed a purple ship with its hood popped open on the rocky surface. A fanfic of the never created episode. Suzy was absolutely determined to keep her away from Jeremy at all costs, always ruining the moment, and humiliating her at every turn.