After a four-season hiatus, this newly married entrepreneur makes his return as one of the strongest competitors the game has seen, having won two seasons and boasting an impressive 13 elimination wins. After being absent from the game for several years, Nany will have to quickly find her footing among the social dynamics she’s missed out on. Notes on a Scandal Full Episode S Episode 5 Mortuusequusphobia – With the fate of Empirical on the line, Liza considers leaving the company as her relationship with Charles forces him to make a crucial decision. With renewed confidence, she hopes to make it far without resorting to playing dirty, but who knows how long those intentions will hold up? Rivals 3 Season San Diego” alum is back after a troubled journey on Final Reckoning and constant feud with his partner Amanda.

Brazil, but don’t be fooled, this Brazilian is much more than just a pretty face. An aspiring filmmaker, Shaleen hopes to lock down the prize money in order to finance her career, but don’t be fooled by this pageant girl’s sweet demeanor. The bromance between Victor and Shane fractures into a newfound vendetta. The Spanish-language soap opera star hopes to represent his country on an international stage. If her physical prowess wasn’t enough, Ninja also holds a degree in neuroscience, which she will no doubt use to gain a mental edge on her competition. She’s also not one to shy away from romance, so it’s anyone’s guess what she’ll find waiting for her in the Challenge House.

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Two young men find out that their one-night tye have become lifelong commitments… to the children they never knew they had. Is it all bluster, or does his nemesis really hold the tea that can scorch Zach’s chance at big money? Watson moves in with Mr. Links to the videos are submitted by users and managed by users. Browsing All Articles 40 Articles. Mercenaries of Mayhem Full Episode S The rivals get closer than ever before in a sexy challenge that has each contestant literally tied upside down to each other.


Episode 12 Final Destination – Can seaeon manage to live up to Turbo’s intensity, or will it be his downfall? Epiisode prepping for the Fillmore Book Fair, the teachers bring in hunky movers to set up, and Ms.

Page 1 2 newer. Battle of the Exes 2 Season You’re the Worst Full Episode S Subscribe to the putlocker. As someone never afraid to speak his mind, Theo runs the risk of offending any number of housemates and putting an instant target on his back. War of the Worlds Season Twenty-three-year-old Took wants to put her ideals to the test, by starting her very own urban commune in NYC.

Johnny Bananas Full Episode S Episode 2 Rumble in the Jungle – Pearson have a photoshoot to help Mrs. As a result, Hunter left empty-handed and emotionally devastated. Will the usually cool and collected Leroy be able to put aside his romantic concerns and focus on the game at hand?

The Challenge: War Of The Worlds

Final Reckoning Season Kelsey is torn between Jake and Zane, Liza helps Charles retrieve an eccentric rock star’s manuscript, and Diana ventures to Staten Island. We follow three people who live their lives as ‘adult babies’.

He also formed a rivalry with rookie Paulie, who he targeted incessantly after seeing him become the new object of Cara’s affections. Now she’s moved on to “The Challenge” with hopes of coming out on top. Bro-ing Pains Full Episode S As such an intimidating force, she’ll have to see if she can find a partner capable of keeping up with her intensity and athleticism.


The twins and Robert have a lot of choices to make. An unforgettable Double Cross promises to shake up the game. Primewire doesn’t host any content All watch series and movies does is link or embed content that was uploaded to popular Online Video hosting sites like Veoh.

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Guilty by Association Full Episode S Banatalie Full Episode S Contact us about this article. Invasion of the Champions Season She hopes to pay off bills, buy a house and start fhe company; however, she’s never one to pass up a chance to throw back some shots.

Will an experienced Veteran partner be able to tame her buck wild side and take the two to victory?

Turbo is certain to be one of the most intimidating physical performers “The Challenge” has ever seen and will let nothing stand in the way of him taking home top prize. She notoriously uses her charm to swindle her way into getting what she wants when she wants it. ActionAdventureReality-TV. The bromance between Victor and Shane fractures into a newfound vendetta. Unfortunately, Hunter found himself on the receiving end of one of the biggest moves in “Challenge” history when his partner Ashley M.

Romance is in the air at the Challenge house, but so is revenge, as the players plot their next moves.

Will they start from scratch, or gamble it all away? Sex, Liza and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Notably, he hasn’t made it to a final since then, though that may be more a testament to his ever-expanding list of enemies.