Beth McCarthy-Miller 15 de Novembro de In ” Nothing Left to Lose “, when Tracy regains his ability to smell, he notices that Kenneth has no scent at all , but Kenneth cheerfully brushes this discovery off. Clip 10 – Scene Or Clip Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Don Scardino 6 de Novembro de Dratch interpretou o papel no piloto original do seriado.

Retrieved May 20, In ” Jackie Jormp-Jomp “, it is unwittingly implied by Kenneth several times over that he has been sexually harassed by Today show co-host Meredith Vieira. In ” Black Light Attack! In many episodes, Kenneth is shown to be able to speak numerous foreign languages. But, to his horror, the pig that he was given to eat was Harold, and, since then, he has felt extreme remorse for eating his “father pig. As shown many times throughout the series, Kenneth is an incredibly selfless person.

Consultado em 2 de Setembro de My body is just a flesh vessel, for an immortal being whose name, if you heard it, would make you lose your mind.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Kenneth Parcell character has received highly positive reviews. Tracy Morgan – Scene Or Clip In oc episode The Baby ShowDr. Beth McCarthy-Miller 5 de Abril de Universal Studios Home Entertainment, This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat TV by the Numbers.

Apart from pig farming, not much else is known about Kenneth’s father, although, in a deleted scene of ” The One with the Cast of Night Court “, Kenneth tells Tracy that his parents were first balla something which Kenneth’s father never revealed to Kenneth’s mother, as his father knew that if she knew of their relation, she would have not married him ; [18] however, contrary to this, in ” Grandmentor “, he tells Rhe Wassername that his parents were “technically brothers”.

Tina Fey ; Director es: Interview Excerpts Jane Krakowski – Interview In ” Believe in the Stars “, Kenneth states that he does not believe in hypothetical situations, because he thinks that it is like “lying to your brain “. Kenneth’s family, as well as many of the citizens in Kenneth’s hometown, are supporters of the Confederacy ; in ” Flu Shot “, Kenneth reveals that his family’s traditional burial for Parcell men is to have their body wrapped in a Confederate flag, friedand fed to dogs.


Don Scardino 30 de Setembro de Retrieved 28 August You’re my only hope. He stays on this side! Adam Bernstein 11 de Outubro de If this birth date is accurate, it would mean that Kenneth is over years old it is also worth noting that, while he is buried, the closing scene reveals that Kenneth is not actually dead, further supporting the theory that he is unable to die.

Isto leva Liz a discutir com ela, o que resulta numa procura de novas melhores amigas.

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Patrick’s Day “, it is revealed that he had a tail until he was 16 years old, which, as seen when he gives it to Hazel for good luck, has the appearance wagch a white rabbit ‘s foot.

Este acto acaba por kemneth Hank impressionado. Liz a ser atacada pelo protestante da PETA, enquanto se fazia passar por Jenna, ao sair keenneth restaurante. In many episodes, Kenneth is shown to be able to speak numerous foreign languages.

In ” When it Rains, it Pours “, Kenneth is seen packing away an autographed photo of Fred Allen fromthat is dedicated: In ” Christmas Special “, while passing out gifts the TGS writing staff, he wishes Josh Girard a “merry Jewish “; [51] in ” Secret Santa “, he sets up a multi-faith holiday display, which includes a framed photo of Barack Obamathat Kenneth states is “for the Muslims “; [56] in ” “, when Jenna, who wants to have a baby, tries to seduce him, he refuses, on the grounds that they are unmarried and part of different religions; in ” Standards and Practices “, he comments that the Jewish network executives are “trained from birth to argue”.


This is first hinted at in ” The One with the Cast of Night Court “, when Kenneth states, “I’ve worn this old jacket since hubeduh”, intentionally mumbling the year. Jeff Richmond 26 de Janeiro de Season 3 – Trailer In the episode ” Blind Date “, Kenneth is shown to be a good poker player, due to people being unable to read his thoughts, since, according to Frank, “he doesn’t have any.

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Live Show – Trailer bqllad De baixo para cima: Although he is respectful to others, male and female alike, Kenneth has displayed some harshly misogynistic opinions; in ” The Funcooker “, when he is put in charge, his first order is to have all menstruating women leave the workplace immediately. In a deleted scene from ” Mamma Mia “, it is implied that he is a veteran of World War IIas he is recognized by an elderly man as one of his fellow troops who served in Normandy.

In ” Meet the Woggels! Up; ‘Person,’ ‘Rob,’ ‘Parks’ Adj.

In the episode ” St. In ” Kidnapped by Danger “, when Jack asks him how he maintains such a uniquely positive outlook on his life, Kenneth darkly tells him that he does so by lying to himself, and also informs Jack that he “[does not] know how much longer [he] can do it” before resuming his cheerful demeanor.

Club listed Kenneth on their list of television “Showblockers,” writing “[ Clip 2 – Scene Or Clip Teve o seu enredo escrito pelo produtor executivo Matt Hubbarde dirigido pelo criador dos temas musicais Jeff Richmond. Jack Burditt ; Director es: