If you have other issue you can ask for a solution here or on github but please get the full vlc debug log and add it as a pastebin to your post. They put a lot of emphasis on murder being legal. The idea is intriguing. All the lines sound incredibly forced and unrealistic. So I just went back to an older release, but then the plugin stopped working. I even convince my friends to use VLC solely because of this extension.

I tried to track down the problem by looking at the lua script. The Purge, great concept Do you really want to report this comment? Tibus 4 years ago here is the log: I was laughing pretty much throughout, at just about every line. It seems that the extension is failed to be installed.

Xct and the invaders will wear masks like “The Strangers”! For example, when Ethan Hawke first arrives home he says something along the lines of “Hey, hey! Why don’t the rich people just leave the country?

Finally I re download this plugin, copy the locale VLsub. I know what that is. So what we’re looking at here is a film which, in different hands may have proved to be a controversial and stirring piece of work, but with DeMonaco scared to grasp the nettle, we end up with a flat, rather tame film, kiilling is given some lift by its better elements, such as the performances and some of the fight sequences.


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Received first subecene main debug: Like, murder will be legal and stuff! Overall, The Purge is an OK home invasion film, there are moments of suspense and a couple of jump scares are effective.

Such as what happens to the serial killers and career criminals of this world? Is there any solution for this?

The Act of Killing 2012

Instead the film settles for a typical home invasion story that although done well, is nothing we haven’t seen done in many other films. The end result of this annual purge is extremely low unemployment and crime, and a fantastic economy; “a nation reborn”, where the weak are prey and the strong survive.

VoutDisplayEvent ‘fullscreen’ 0 main debug: PrakashCh Sep 08 So I just went back to an older release, but then the plugin stopped working. Creating an input for ‘Biblioteca multimedia’ main debug: Setting an input main debug: Raaab Jan 24 Also its looks VLC not has plan to add “net” module in future versions, is it possible to add it in script.

Can anyone help me how to fix this?

Right off the bat I could tell that the script for this movie was really poorly written. Failed to resize display pulse debug: Babalui22 Apr 29 For twelve hours a year all crime is legal, including murder; do what you want and face no consequence.


It’s not well written.

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He sounds iklling lovable! There are numerous moral issues brought up throughout the film. James and his family happily avoid the Purge by using a security system outside their large house while the rest of society kills each other, but all that changes when their youngest son Charlie decides to let a stranger into the house Ejecutar vlc con la interfaz predeterminada.

This is the Log: Tibus 4 years ago Indeed, Ubuntu 14 don’t support version older than 2. Slayerino Feb 24 Let’s get this movie made. VLC Extensions Source link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work: The Purgers lead by Rhys Wakefield drastically try to break into the family’s home causing James Ethan Hawke and Mary Lena Headey to protect their children from the invaders in order to survive the night.

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