Your least favorite lakorn? Oh, and there was this one part where it really touched me. After everyone when inside, Karn follows Doc Vardh and tells him this: Her style is more of casual. It was an extra sense. This cutiebear is a detective. After watching Thara Himalaya, I fell in love with it. And we dare not to befriend anyone else but the gifts brought us together.

A piece of cake. It was shown last year, January to be exact. I will cherish you daughter. You have to say it. Netr took Doc to make merits at the Temple and also let go of birds from the bridge. Kanna specialty is that she can hear the spirits talk. She also does white magic. She comes out looking like a princess.

I will cherish you daughter. Kaem has the special sense of touch. Things hot up when her first love hamannopiit her life. We, tough women, always make it through tough times by ourselves. Yanin Jie is the girl with the knowledge. Listen to my saying. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The more the better, trust me. Ros pushes him and runs movkeTris chases her. During the blessing they were having their cute mini bickering. Khun Ros ran away this time and stopped in them middle of the streets.


LOLI seriously love this part because it is so me. This hunk with the punk style is actually a doctor. She as the funny thakrti and she is more of a casual girl. I think mostly every guy is cute. Forum Actors Actress About.

Oh, and there was this one part where it really touched me. Of course the name of the lakorn.

Scroll down at your own risk! And if you want to watch this lakorn, the link is down below.

When she joins hand with the others they all will see and hear the same thing. Then tell me right not that you hate me.

After everyone when inside, Karn follows Doc Vardh and tells him this: Here are some of my favorite parts from the ending: Why do you need to repeat it?

This encourages the high school boy to try even harder to win her heart. Since then, he has been recieving many more work and small awards down the road.


He then becomes infatuated by her even though she ignores his advances. This lakorn gets me mad a lot but it also love how it makes me feel. They meet Peach at the temple who was dedicating merits to her father.

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She was frightened and then she asked Doc how is Peach. The others girls then came out and told him to go, so he decides to go. She has a sixth sense. She comes out looking like a princess. He loves all the girls as his sister. A piece of cake.

Thakrit Thamannopjit

Thoughts by the pocket bunny at And you will not regret loving me. Sukhontaros Thakrti has the weirdest sense ever, in my opinion but whatever. Are you threatening me?