Watched mikej’s vid, apparently there will be a 10th anniversary movie. Jan 10, However, due to continuing issues, Walker decided to leave YouTube altogether and create the website That Guy with the Glasses , with Michaud acting as webmaster. Damn, i just caught up with the whole shenanigans Well, duh, that was a mere formality. Nov 2, Blackpool, UK.

Feel free to check out Phelous’ reasoning for leaving here: Wasn’t aware of all that shit that occured during all those years Retrieved May 12, Here’s another fan interaction from the same google doc: And so here we are. This comic will be shaken, stirred, and shredded for how dumb it is.

Oct 25, 11, It’s been a pretty strange journey for that whole crew compared to James Rolfe and co who have been much more low key. I remember meeting Doug and Rob outside at Anime Nebraskon Just unsubbed, but it reminds me to catch up on Lindsey’s content and Linkara’s stuff now that I am a new comic fan. Oct 25, Her departure wasn’t a surprise as well, as she too was very infrequent with updates the last thing she did prior to quitting being half of a review for the sub version of Attack on Titan about a year ago that she never did the second half to.

Retrieved April 14, At around the same time, Doug Walker, an actor, comedian, writer, and film critic, began posting several satirical video reviews of films and other media on YouTube under the moniker of the “Nostalgia Critic”.

They also showed an extreme failure in being able to adapt and change with the times. The New York Times. When did all this go down? Crama feel so out of the loop now, it’s crazy. Not A-logging, I just want to know the truth.

Channel Awesome

As a big fan of the Nostalgia Critic reviews from back in the day, I always did get the sense that behind the scenes things did seem pretty murky.

Not to be confused with Network Awesome.

Titled “Our Response”, the post was intended to refute the “most egregious” of the allegations made by former producers, Holly Brown and Jane Doe, who are described within it as “disgruntled individuals with vindictive intentions”. The site was featured in Entrepreneur magazine on December [9] where the history of the site was discussed as well as the plans for the future.


Archived from the original on February 19, What’s more, they can stop any time they like. Real Name Brand Lindsay. I get the fact he’s been ill and all that but in a video about making a movie after reaching a milestone he says he needs to focus more, and cut back on posting shit on twitter, yet he still is posting shit on twitter. It showcased satirical reviews ddama moviestelevision showsmusiccomic books and video games.

I Have Left Channel Awesome – Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall!

Regardless of anything else, I dfama still happy for the friendships I have made, the work I have done, and proud of being a part of the site for as long as I have. Let’s get back on track here. As for Lindsay, she did break into mainstream journalism about a year and a half ago if I’m remembering right, so leaving CA is drzma big loss.

That drop shadow is still there to this day. The videos were popular enough within a year or so that I was able to quit my job at Barnes and Noble and go full time in making them. So Darma foolishly let Mike have all the power in their relationship. The document compiled grievances against the company, both those that had been previously made and ones that had not yet been publicly known.

In addition, several new contributors had also then-recently joined — just as eager and enthusiastic about being a part of the site as I had been several years before.

Channel Awesome – Wikipedia

Imma go watch some videos, hopefully that will cheer me up a bit. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. But then again, this is the internet and reviewers are also people, so Srama cannot be too mad at Allison either. Caz Community Resettler Member. Drwma than just strip mining fans and contributors. I was wondering if Lewis was autistic or something, as he is quite a bit of a manchild.

This revenue was generated by run of network from Puma and Starburst. In MarchLovhaug announced on his website that he had left Channel Awesome.

So many, in fact, that a twitter thread detailing them went on for two days straight of people asking questions and discovering new terrible things that had occurred that had happened even at the drmaa days of my presence on the site that I had been completely oblivious of.


The three discussed the idea of such a company while still employed, but their dismissal was the impetus to put their plans into action. Later that same month, Lindsay Ellis ended her long-running show The Nostalgia Chickwhich had premiered as a companion show to Nostalgia Critic in Darma Whether he was on spoony’s side or not, we may never know.

He was frequently dramx quotas and deadlines towards the end, despite effectively getting top billing on TGWTG Forums New posts Search forums. You know, when they switched from tgwtg.

Channel Awesome’s ability to attract a significant audience with a low expenditure was proclaimed to have an effect on video entertainment production. These include recent troubles he sees in the games industry such as title exclusivity to a certain console, cutting off previously present and willing buyers, done due to what he says is the misguided preference of console producers’ money as opposed to consumers’ money; [22] and what he observes as triple-A game producers taking compatible parts of what used to be a finished game only months before release, and releasing them later as downloadable contentin order to artificially increase profit.

The long drama of Channel Awesome, Doug and Rob Walker, and CEO Mike Michaud

Our long national nightmare is over! Feel free to check out Phelous’ reasoning for leaving here: I’m weirdly relieved Doug Walker himself doesn’t seem to be the main asshole in all of this, which was my first suspicion months ago drxma I first heard these stories. Oct 25, Norway. Of course, one could argue that his serious interest in comic books is very autistic.

Retrieved July 10, His Patreon page show him getting 5k a month, that’s alot of money for the videos that he’s just not putting out.