Bitch Ass Fregley May 14, 5: It’s not as simple as blocking out mental assessment in your head. Includes all categories of possible tf2 video content. He’s always been an asshole, it’s just now coming to light. TF2Trade is for everything relevant to trading TF2 items. I just wish there was some way to apologize to him, make him realize that not everyone hates him. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

There’s a subreddit dedicated to helping you out. ArraySeven – mailny cool medic clips, but also contains tons of other vids. There are many other TF2-related subreddits in existence to check out. ForceBoink – amazing competitive guides and clips. While you have a point, there isn’t a single community without “evil” in it, and this quite literally applies to every single group in the world. TopTime – flawless speedruns. Given that you decided to ban those people rather than either respond, or just ignore them, I can say im not comming back to your stream.

I don’t follow him much anymore, ever since he became a complete and utter asshole: But way worse, no.

Then you came into this thread and did exactly what I called you out for. Also consider checking out this guide to starting competitive play. SpaceGhostsCoffee also, what is your opinion on highlander idiots??? Come back to my stream and you’ll realize I hold no grudges. RuwinStream – Ruwin’s channel. Looking for something that can extend your gaming experience? This thread has ruwun locked.


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I just want the hate to end whether it be b4nny hating others or tftv hating b4nny or people hating any other team. TopTime – flawless speedruns. Gaz Are you shittalking HL because you will never win plat?

They are two different classes. Ruwinn Mystery Zone – whole hodge-podge of animations, focusing mostly on Team Fortress 2. An amazing character animator, well-known for his musical clips and action vids.


Let me know if it’s trash or nah! There’s a subreddit dedicated to helping you out. The game is recorded in the past broadcasts.

That part drqma stay. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Come out of retirement and prove me wrong ; Do you know why kaidus retired? Used to drmaa known as STAR’s fellow, but, for god’s sake, has his own good independent channel and sence of humor.

Flaming and being an asshole genuinely hurt these people who produce content. The question remains to be answered.

Nate Fox – jumping tips, trimping tutorials, commentaries. After a brief hiatus in January of this year, popular invite scout Sven “ruwin” Zobler plowed back into his rigorous streaming schedule, frequently receiving upwards of viewers on a regular basis. I’ve always assumed the term, “washed up” implies a player was good ruwim one point but then everyone else got a lot better; in which case I don’t really think that applies to ruwin.


Tactical Salmon Feb 23 2: He has never won an international LAN afaik.

Yes, ruwin did allow b4nny the opportunity to play scout with clockwork, but that was because b4nny truly wanted to play scout. Both very fun and can be a good, rewarding workout. It’s unfair to compare the ruwin of S12 on scout with the ruwin of S16 on Pocket.

b4nny v thalash

Formal logic is ruwib if something that someone said reduces to it. TheSpyCrap – super random things. Mag Magnet – amazing funny SFM animations. Hey, so I know I have made some questionable threads in the past, but I believe this idea has some interesting pros and cons that are worth thinking about.

TrueTF2 is dedicated to serious TF2 discussion. Epic, gains class with klassy 8 Rio exiled from King’s Crew You can read the thread to find out as well. I’m sure you know more channels.

‘All Else Fails’ Idea to Spice up TF2

Once again, I am a reasonable person. Let me know if it’s trash or nah! Freddie TF2 – alternative playstyles. GO trading, but has some tf2 content too.