Is when i signed up, but i was reading du for a year or so by then. I lurked since Became a member in ’04 new account in ‘ Heard that Democrats were being baited by smug republicans after Kerry’s loss. I joined in , but I was a lurker starting in Same here – joined after the loss in I was VoteForKerry on that site.

DU gave me hope. Oct for me. Response to greatauntoftriplets Reply 96 Tue Mar 15, , Thanks for letting me know you are still around. Joined in because all my friends and family were sick of hearing me bitch about Bush. The Blue Flower 3, posts. I’ve never seen it as fractured and nasty as it is right now.

I’ve been mulsh since before “the great user name change” in the early ‘s, which should give you an idea of how long I’ve been around here.

It has something to do with consuming pot. Wow, and I thought I didn’t post much. Near-daily reader since I do miss going to Belgie and Antwerp station to visit friends.

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Joe Knapp was active then, with Cuyahoga analysis. Response to badhair77 Reply Tue Mar 15, Ironically, now it’s a bit of an underground operation around here.


Joined Sun Mar 5, Came here after the election. Response to leveymg Reply Tue Mar 15, So many prolific posters have come and gone since then.

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Ten years and a few months. Your story is very like my own. Bartcop, DU, and a couple others kept me sane during the mini Dark Age. Coyote Reply Tue Mar 15, DU has been a part of my life for a long time and even when we fight with each other, we’re still a family. Response to stevenleser Reply Tue Mar 15, Paper Roses 6, posts.

Don’t remember exactly when Mike Nelson 5, posts. Kip Humphrey 4, posts.

That was around 16 years ago?!?! I’ve been here exactly thirteen years this month. Rejoined last year after a long absence. Joined in to promote Dennis Kucinich. Kelvin Mace 17, posts. It was a really etll group back in the day.


Who has been with DU for more than 10 years?

I remember having a huge fight. There weren’t very many members here when I joined in What an amazing bit of architecture! I found DU after the horrific coup d’etat in orchestrated by the Supreme Court.

Maybe Periwinkle since that’s another name for Vinca. I was more comfortable at MWO and Bartcop, format wise. I found Episod and knew I wasn’t alone.

Fortunately if mostly makes me work harder on my personal quest to get everyone I know to get out and vote or stay in and vote via absentee ballot. Still laid out like a candy store of pertinent articles! Lurker infirst posted in January of