Have a great Holiday!!! Honestly, these last two episodes have actually been very entertaining for me because i have already done all of those things and i remember having the same problems when i did them, it entertains me seeing how they solve them. I hardly know her Uptime: Thank you for everything you guys do! And yes, I also wish Sips and Sjin would start working together again. Your sir are totally right! You create great and entertaining content day in day out, I really don’t think you get enough credit for what you do. The power facility was started then ignored for like several weeks, even when Sjin would play who was one of the ones who initially started work on it.

Mousierl The Sims 4. Yogscast subscribe unsubscribe 91, readers users here now The official Yogscast subreddit! Even if they are not planning anything they will always find a way to make it hilarious by destroying something by an accident or dying in a funny way esspecially Duncan. It’s simple, we kill th- I mean we want scripted events but non-scripted banter, Remember it was minecraft and SoI where you really made your fame, we all understand the closest we are going to minecraft is yogcraft and you are trying to learn the new items but don’t teach them, panda, nilsey, sjin, Duncan, Hannah and the Blackrock crew have covered that. In my opinion they got boring a long time ago. I know about Simon’s opinion of scripting, but trying to force a storyline into a sandbox game just doesn’t do it for me.

Everybody here agrees that your work is great and most are very supportive, going as far as to give you what we think will help you. So my wish would be more somewhat show-like series like Tekkit or Voltz.

I’d love to see you start over with no knowledge of the game, just like I’d like to go back to the days of vanilla WoW, but that aint gonna happen. What made those series great wasn’t the gameplay so much as the chemistry between everybody. I also think that this is why the YoGPod is still so popular to this day i’m sure that many of you have listened to atleast one multiple timesit’s just Simon and Lewis talking about completely random topics and turning them hilarious.

I just want to see Zoey play around with forestry. Im fine with those coming out less frequently then any of the other yogcraft series. Seems too often they jump around mid task and have to spend a day catching up to what they had been doing, then by the end have switched again.


I’ve moved on to bigger and better games. I’m not saying that the content that they currently produce is horrendously bad, I’m just bleuxephos that there is something missing from the old WoW days that needs to return. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Sips is ending game Dec tycoon bluedephos, I don’t want another evening with sips filling that gap,he makes livestreams that have a general dullness to them just my opinion and I’ve heard bluexephks of him planning to end either skyrim don’t starve or sim city, we need to help bring the fans oppinions to him but we can’t get our message to him.

Have a great Holiday!!! Guess I am the odd man out for enjoying just about everything they have been doing. First I wanted to write that I liked Tekkit more, but after blueexphos a bit, I’d say that’s just nostalgia. They’re currently gathering new ways to power the home factory and finding new ways of doing things. As long as you remain open and genuine to us, like you guys have always been.

That word “scripted” is just a big red flag that you’re listening to a 12 tekit old that doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. By having their own pack, they have total control of what they play.

Zylush Sea of Thieves. FTB has most of tekkits mods and more. Okay, so this is what I’ve gather from Hyjinktz’s comment and yours, plus some more of my own research:. Oh here’s this thing” and Simon’s reaction. Seriously, if something is earning them views thus, money and they enjoy doing it, why would they stop? Most people didn’t take an interest to it. And yes, I also wish Sips and Sjin would start working together again.

Moonquest or Tekkit? : Yogscast

Your response here is very genuine and fitting. That sums it up perfectly.

I don’t think I’m really alone here either. Switching over to Feed the Beast was the worst decision the Yogscast ever made. It means “I don’t know what”. I was looking forward to seeing Simon do some insane spell that would spawn a Ghast and etkkit ignite their forrest.

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You guys deserve to have more breaks just have a day off every now and then I mean it’s not like we live off of your vids. Gekkit my opinion they got boring a long time ago.


Mousierl The Sims 4. Even in the old days they were scripted but it was in a very general sense according to Simon’s AMA.

Exactly, if they don’t know what ‘cock’ means, they’re probably way too young to be on the internet in the first place There is a goal to this, they are getting the stuff to sell in the Jaffa caf.

Episove haven’t really been watching the Tekkit stuff ever since it was changed to the cookie-cutter style that most people do. Not every single video series has to be packed with excitement and entertainment and wacky hijinks all of the time.

Tekkit/Yogcraft Universe/Canon Timeline? : Yogscast

Want to add to the discussion? Tekkit was a modpack that wasn’t quickly assembled by the few mods Lewis liked, and it didn’t seem to break nearly as much. Watching Sips stream on Twitch proves just how little that brilliant bastard needs to script. To do that they need to get a Tier 2 Rocket Schematic from one of those hellish Moon dungeons. Even if they are not planning anything they will always find a way to make it hilarious 220 destroying something by an accident or dying in a funny way esspecially Duncan.

Also too much is done between episodes, they’ll end an episode then come back and a bunch new shit is built. Log in or sign up in tek,it. I lost interest in the Tekkit series when the pig island stuff started. Thank you for everything you guys do! By the way, the “Yogscast Family and Friends” bar seems to move the people about at random.

I’m sure what most people are attempting to express is that Duncan and yourself are entertaining when interacting with the right personalities.

Maybe they’re continuing it because a they enjoy filming it and b it earns views? What periods does Flux Buddies 1 over-arch into?

The problem with Tekkit, although great, was that sometimes mods which they enjoyed were removed and useless mods were added which just clogged things up e. It’s fairly mundane gardening and building, nothing that every other Minecraft Youtuber isn’t doing too.