The cycle of sun and moon ensured balance, much as yin and yang do in other Asian traditions. The House Next Door. The film was not made for art’s sake. Articles, Discussions, and Other Stuff These females were the ones who were subject to the “Tatarin-soul transfer. The wardrobe, the setting, the props are carefully conceived to match the era. But credit should also be given to the fact that Amada was a Tadtarin that day. Instead of exploring the magic of the Summer Solstice, the film rides on the heaving bosoms of Rica Peralejo and Patricia Javier, Raymond Bagatsing’s buttocks, and incessant moaning and groaning of an entire horde of women.

More, it’s the first really comic film Aguiluz has ever directed, and he handles the material with admirable lightness and vigor. But there’s nothing here that can qualify this movie as a soon-to-be classic. Film Studies For Free. It is the same patriarchal reign that Paeng would like his eldest son to inherit; that women are subservient to the man’s concept of order. Symbolically, this suggests a theme of balance, with man as Sun and woman as Moon – and about the imbalance brought about by the externally imposed values of the West. The wedding vows aren’t tested due to infidelity or a lack of love, but because of the skewed sense of inequality between the sexes.

This movie needs a new dynamic directing and over-all make over. During the 20ss, this ritual has a little sexually related meaning giving stimulation to the watching males on the females in the procession.

Besides the careful pruning, Aguiluz manages to locate the drama in the moments when words are not spoken–through shots that encapsulate in a single image the tension of the scene, like the one where Dona Lupe’s foot is kissed by Guido Carlos Moraleswith Don Paeng watching from the balcony.


Sign in to vote. Tahalog Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tuesday, June 26, Tatarin However, the visually portrayed sexual energy serves an appropriate purpose. Generally, the acting is competent and even Peralejo, who was generally viewed as a miscast, is kept unobtrusive. Nalilibugan ako sa iyo; 2 Taglish: Guido Carlos TatwrinPaeng’s cousin who relocates from Europe to tgaalog part in the pagan rituals, relates that women have always been powerful; that before there were kings, there were queens; that before there were priests, there were pagan priestesses; and that the sun bows down to the moon which symbolizes femininity.

In general, critics agree that Joaquin’s stylistic genre was to present the way of life and culture in the Philippines during the transition from being Hispanic into American. If he’s guilty of embellishment and sensationalism, as in the sex scenes, he can be forgiven because he portrays the battle of the sexes, resurgent matriarchy, male insecurity, the clash between the old and modernity-interweaving themes in Joaquin’s fiction and drama-with the detachment of a scientist or even a journalist.

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With Dina Bonnevie, Rica Peralejo and lot of sexy stars in the cast, the movie could have been the top crowd-drawer among the male adult viewers. Lessons From the School of Inattention.

I can’t think of a better Filipino filmmaker than Aguiluz to evoke the living past–especially in a production like this, where immersion in a long-gone age is crucial mocie the success of the film. Start your free trial. If you try to stop them, a plague will somehow rule the land. Banahaw rituals won an international prize.

Much of the film’s lackluster acting should be attributed to them. Wise Tattarin Thai Film Journal. Under the glow tatarln a full moon, Lupe finally gets what she wants and becomes on top sexually and emotionally of her husband.


It had no dignity whatsoever. Tadtarin Archived at the Wayback Machinepia. A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino. John the Baptist, normally repressed women transform themselves into “Tatarin” – enchantresses and witches. The couple’s morning lovemaking coincides with a woman’s fervent prayer for a child followed by a steamy scene of self-stimulationand the couple’s household helps’ rabid humping; with the woman tagaolg by Rica Paralejo erupting into an illucid trance that would define the feast day of St.

Click here for Links of Other Films Mini-reviewed: Director Tikoy Aguiluz carefully maps Lupe’s transformation leading to that final tatarin procession where she overtly disobeys her husband.

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Generally, the acting is competent and even Peralejo, who was tatarib viewed as a miscast, is kept unobtrusive. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Audible Download Audio Books. But sad to say, the movie was a loser when it was shown. Scenes may not be as crafted as expected or as imagined by many viewers, with some almost awkward and contrived — vestiges most likely of theatrical tradition which must place actions within the confines of the stage.

It is quite easy to get lost in the orgy, and the sequence is pungent with sweat and saliva. Photos Add Image Add an image Fagalog you have any images for this title? Lupe would always look with approving eyes before trying to do anything like watching the passing parade through their manor’s balcony.

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