Examples of valid formats would be or The Panorama will open ready for Christmas and next year Asisi will open an entirely new show, a world premiere, focusing on Rouen in the 15th century at the time of Joan of Arc. A sudden wicked craving for chocolate! Riding is one of the top leisure activities in the hexagon and France has over two million registered horseback enthusiasts. Housed in a typical Normandy style building surrounded by delightful gardens. Not as easy as it may seem but this is a secret that William works hard to pass on. And as it is direct both the prices and the quality are unbeatable.

The City offers an exceptional quality of life and an important part of that is the excellence of our local crafts not to mention our delicious traditional cuisine which is famed throughout France. Once used to store cotton bales this old warehouse has taken on a new lease of life with its vintage 50s furniture bringing a touch of the New-York loft to the classic port architectural style of red bricks and steel girders. The region has so much to offer, the diversity of its landscapes from the chalky river cliffs to the dense woodlands give a richness to the area that is second to none. Buyer services and logistics. These are the artists that are creating new forms and concepts in fields as diverse as wood work, miniature cars, musical instruments and glassware… The St Maclou church area although not home to all has a large number of these skilled craftsmen working under the shadow of its imposing wooden doors and towering buttresses. Bruno Voisin – Veo Communication Advertising: They used the remains of the chateau of the Seigneurs de Bondeville to build the manor. It is part of a Franco-German project linking Rouen and Cologne, both have Cathedrals that are known worldwide and both have some of the most important art collections in Europe.

As if this approach was not innovative enough William finds his time between coking to train future generations and to pass on his enthusiasm.

Olivier has had the guts to throw away all cuisine conventions and that was a brave move especially here in Rouen where the clientele has a reputation of being difficult tarics please. Now the farm is expanding into poultry and last year they received a grant from the Community Council of Rouen Elbeuf Austreberthe to start a new product: The Park remains one of the loveliest places for a walk on the wildlife side in the Seine valley area.

Reservation of hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts and self-catering accommodation for Rouen and the region. When Jean-Paul Sartre was a teacher in Le Havre he would come to Rouen to meet Simone de Beauvoir, also a teacher and they would meet here when he got off the train as it is just by the station.

The best way to see the windy river side trails is definitely the bike. Both will be housed in a purpose built 28 meter high Rotunda. Between April and Octoberthe Abbey church and gardens will play host to numerous exhibitions and concerts. The visit lasts 2 hours and is for a maximum of 18 people at any one time. Carole Criquioche the present day owner of what is now a eouen rdv for tea lovers in Rouen, is in awe of tqrifs history and beauty of the building.


The darkest days date from when the attacks caused the deaths of over 2 civilians. Marc-Henri Tellier has a gallery in the rue Damiette – one of the streets in the city of Rouen that was a favourite with artists. Sign in online or arrive at the auction site early! A capital A for Art Rouen, Not just any old iron.

Check the schedule before auction day so you know when and where to bid. We may not know who restored the painting to its former glory but the visit was worth it just to see this snapshot of Rouen as it was not so long ago… 37 rue Damiette www.

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However, Jean-Marc is still an expert in his field and can spot a French made violin at a glance. Geolocation, flash-QR-codes and enhanced reality are the three digital pillars behind this latest app which combines culture with fun making a visit to the city of Rouen a totally unforgettable experience.

The boutique area of the studio sells stone ornaments not too heavy or expensive and Sophie says her best-seller is the Rouen coat of arms or the lovers of Bayeux.

Some of the animals like the wallabies, goats and turkeys are allowed to wander free. The Printemps store offers a fabulous free personal shopper service. The deep red and laurel motifs in the reception, salon and breakfast room are indeed reminiscent of empire but the 34 comfortable refurbished rooms have a style all their own.

La petite bouffe, 1 rue des Boucheries Saint-Ouen Tel: The hotel is right opposite the Exhibition Centre and the Zenith concert hall. The old rope makers in the very heart of the valley are now the Corderie Vallois Museum. Andouillettes from Troyes or elsewhere simply do not compare. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 5.

The monument also shows British and Belgium soldiers from the First World War and is the most sevre memento in the city seever that war that was only supposed to last a few weeks or so they thought in For some she was an iconic feminist warrior for others a saint and popular heroine – the different representations of this modest peasant girl are contradictory.

In the early Middle Ages Rouen was the second richest city and second largest city in France with a population of over 30 Rustuel, Getty Images, H. The factory was named after its founder, the Industrial magnate Jules Vallois who intransformed what had once been a paper mill then a cotton mill then a woollen mill into a family run rope making business.


The perfect place for a stroll in the forest or a family outing to go wildlife spotting as the sh has numerous hides from which to spot wild boar, deer, does and stags. Neither the facade nor the bar, which is in classic zinc, have changed and both are listed as historic monuments.

Marked steps on the pavement and the narrator’s voice will reveal secrets of the monuments of Rouen and the artists it inspired. The bike is fast, free and has been reinstated as one of the best ways to get around the City and enjoy the scenery at the same time.

Buying at Ritchie Bros. Rouen Fine Arts Museum, The cuisine is based entirely around the freshest local produce from the orchards, roen gardens and farms on their doorstep. The once busy cotton mill with its workers mostly women closed down in the s.

Open Tuesday lunchtime to Saturday evening. This is taeifs new venture for Olivier who had the courage to leave his previous position where he had just been awarded a much saught after star from the famous Red Guide. Closed 1 October to 31 March: No longer relegated to weekends and lazy days the bike is once again the alternative urban means to get traifs.

The monument is so large and impressive The name is there in bold and the Chef is nothing if not that. Farifs column is ten meters high and takes the form of a Roman Fasces.

It has parking for 70 cars and 3 coaches plus a modular space that can hold meeting rooms ranging from 25 to m2 all of which is purpose built for seminars and show-room events. Enjoy the sweeping views from the balcony.

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Jeanne is fed up with the metro, tired of cars and has had enough of her high heels. Ibis Zenith offers free Wi-Fi and has full disabled access. Once used to store cotton bales this old warehouse has taken on a new lease of life with its vintage 50s furniture bringing a touch of the New-York loft to the classic port architectural style of red bricks and steel girders. Yet Rouen Seine Valley is also a modern and vibrant urban area.

The games will see the best riders from over 60 countries compete in 8 official disciplines of the International Equestrian Federation: The site is that of a plague time cemetery dating from the Black Death of which was later embellished by a serie of wooden galleries in the 16th century which were to serve as ossuaries hence the carvings of skulls and tibias, on the buildings outer beams.