Then just dowload the raw.. Thanks for the lovely recaps! But he says that this is just how he feels. I’m still in Ep. He counts as his closest friend the young somewhat mercenary Japanese merchantman Yan. I just had to watch this after watching Dong Yi.

Firstly, thanks sooo much for taking time to recap this! Thanks so much for continuing to recap this gem. Plus he almost died this episode. Thank you for recapping! I hope so, maybe we’ll see the wedding of the century in beautiful Tamra Island? The ship sails away and all the villagers yell their final well wishes. Here’s hoping you do more recaps in the future! It wasn’t until not so much ago when I decided to watch this, but I went directly for the DC.

Sinopsis ‘Tamra the Island’ All Episodes

Well, I will always love Tama He ends up defeated, swords at his throat and asks the Lady in Red whether this is her revenge of the country. I always saw her as a fierce, evil, independent woman, and I was happy to leave her like that.

Kyu approaches William and offers him his handshake, remembering that he taught it to him, and William turns it into another type of handshake, one he says is a greeting between good friends. I could definitely see in the last couple episodes that the flow was not as smooth. She laughs; she should drink a lot then. It tastes bitter, so they assume is must be medicine. I have watched the edited version and the DC.

However, his cover story leads to a tangle of complications for him: I know the endin gmeant that they were together, but even now I wish there was more to tell us if they were actually together, married?! I really enjoyed this drama because of your recaps.

Tamra the Island: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Beo Jin begs him not to take him, which he disregards, saying he will punish all three of islqnd equally. Thanks for reviewing and letting the world know such a good drama. Who is he really? They cut away some important and very sweet scenes in the 16 Episodes version Convincing the King while slightly oversimplified was not necessarily an easy task; the fight before the destruction of the Seo Rin group and its leaders was both emotional and difficult; the goodbye scene with Beo Jin and William was incredibly sad; ainopsis Kyu and Beo Jin have been through enough as a couple already to justify a painless resolution.


Anyone know where I can watch full episodes of this??? However, the way his relationship with Beo Jin was resolved was great; first having the final realisation that it can never be and then both of them thanking and farewelling each other.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Contrast this to how he treated later subordinate with exasperation but restraint. I watched it in viikii. Check out Ep 19 where Park Kyu and Beo jin had a sweet romantic moment and also there’s one episode where our cute Beojin got a piggyback from our handsome noble I’ll double the sentiment.

Aside from the uptight, polished rich noble, aside from the smart and cool scholar, to top that he is also a very hte uber sexy government officer! Furthermore, William’s presence will distract the villagers while he put his evil plans into motion. It looked like his heart epsiode left his chest. Beo Jin is incredibly upset, unable to help William, who is on the verge of unconsciousness, as she peisode tied up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I will forever adore the underwater as well as the night time scenes of this show, they were amazing!

Yoon Sang-ho Hong Jong-chan.

episodde Apparently in that one, everything’s tied up a lot neater e. This is the last set of goods, so the thieves will surely take action. I started to get sick of William quite some time ago, finding him overly selfish and having a one track mind.


As they all pop out, surrounded by friends and family, cheers erupt. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I loved Tamra but the directors peisode 21 Episodes version is much much better than the 16 Episode version. Seo Woo is a very talented actress, I love watching her!

Well thank you again for refreshing my memory of this wonderful drama!

Tamra The Island 1-16 (Final)

Was I just daft not to see this bromance coming? It is only after Kyu leaves that the guard does a double take although this is not enough to make him chase after him. The divers emerge and watch as the ship sinks, celebrating, along with all of the other villagers who witness this.

As she leaves, she tells him to be careful too. I really love everything, like you said the pacing is very nice and it really is just a beautiful drama all in all. Kyunghyang Shinmun in Korean. Not to mention how much I love the adorable characters and relationships themselves. I just had to watch this after watching Dong Yi. Nattacatta, A great big thank-you to you for sinoosis up where the recaps had stopped.

His hat got crinkled on the way why is that so cute? Heralz Biz in Korean. Does anyone know why the show didn’t do well? I always love Park Kyu’s surprised expression every time Beo Jin just butt in with “what are you doing here? Thank you very much for the wonderful recaps: