Sorry, comments are currently closed. Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide! I went into this season expecting it was going to be a lot of chaos right off the bat, because in Second Chance, we hit the beach running. The fear was very much on your mind. See how Jury member 8 spent their time at Ponderosa after competing on Survivor Cambodia. Jury Member 6, Joe Anglim Maybe I needed it? We really, really bonded.

Follow Josh on Twitter roundhoward. I give him credit for me being the one to go. See how Jury member 9 spent their time at Ponderosa after competing on Survivor Cambodia. I get in my head. Even coming out to film this time felt very different for me. Survivor has been so good to me and my family in so many ways. Keith called in to talk to Jessica Shaw and me about his time in Cambodia, and whether he has hung up his buff for good.

However, everyone else is on edge, especially Kelly, who had a hard time getting along with Abi in the game — she keeps her distance.

Ponderosa is where the jury members are held in sequester until the end of the game. Luck ceira all that can only get you so far. For them to only watch one episode? Please feel free to make a donation via PayPal to help support the expense that it takes to keep this website up and running.


You are posting comments too quickly. Game Changers is a very appropriate theme for someone like you. See how Jury member 10 spent their time at Ponderosa after competing on Survivor Cambodia.

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Jury Member 3, Kelly Wiglesworth Jury Member 7, Abi-Maria Gomes It definitely felt like things were transitioning. Even coming out to film this time felt very different for me. I think we slowly started to see that transition, that maybe the new school way of thinking was going back to being loyal.

S Ponderosa Ciera – video dailymotion

All donations are greatly appreciated. Would she bring the same drama to Ponderosa that she was so famous for causing in the game?

I would be in conversations with Sandra, and she did not get a good vibe from Aubry. Just that basically it had to be someone, and he really wished it was not me. It felt like I was outside of my body watching it all play out. Click on our PayPal Button below. Without commenting ponderosq anyone else who joined you, what was it like to spend three days alone with Tony Vlachos at Ponderosa? I get super anxious.

I knew it was going to be him. I have not thought ponddrosa that. I had been hearing some buzz that some of the people on Mana were looking at Aubry as a possible target. I just think I need a little time.


Survivor: Keith Nale on his strategy: ‘There ain’t much of that’

Would you like to break that circle? The seasno I was under the impression we were voting for Michaela had nothing to do with that. Everyone was talking to everybody, everybody was talking strategy, everybody was trying to get a feel for each other. The fear was very much on your mind. Second Chance” airs Wednesday, Dec. My mind is so in Survivor mode. Do you have any memory of that?

Obviously both teams struggled. This is their stories. Sfason you want to come back for round four? When I say that, I genuinely mean it.

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Survivor LIFE AT PONDEROSA – Big Brother Updates

If you had to put money down, would it have been Tony? Thank you for joining us for another season of Big Brother. People were just sitting around camp talking about their lives. You don’t have to repeat it five times a day,” Andrew lectures. Get the Food Daily: Forums Chatroom News Twitter Help.