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After that we can quickly discuss the series on the same day too and spoil it to everyone else. Aren’t I just good enough to eat? When all start, all start together. Ghosts in the bunker http: You think Famine has a class ring too? To Wizard of the OZ! His murdering blood lust is going to get worse. The Werther Project Episode

Cupid reveals himself to be a naked man and goes around giving Dean, Castiel and Sam big hugs, which include lifting them up off the floor. Meanwhile, Dean continues to sink deeper under the Mark’s influence, and contacts a former ally for help.

Dean and Sam investigate the murders and episore Castiel to help them.

Supernatural – Season 5, Episode 14 – Rotten Tomatoes

Oct 24 And ability to do all that cool dude gestures. Supernatural Bloodlines producer previews spin-off Dean, Ennis The writers never considered Bloodlines a replacement for the parent series, which has been renewed for a tenth season. When one series end, all end. Dec 27 Famine wonders why Dean has not been infected by him and touches his chest, concluding that there is nothing inside of him — that Dean is dead inside.


Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena have a chat, and Dean worries about what will happen if he gives in to the Mark again. Looks like we have a filler episode next week, looking at the preview. Even Dean and Cass agrees that April below was hott: Nov 13 Dec 8 Remember when the show used to care about collateral damage of hosts and vessels? Supernatural – Season Where do the brothers go from here?

When Dean questions that these are “orders”, Cupid says that some couples, like John and Mary Winchester were just meant to be together and that Heaven uses Cupids to insure important things, such as Sam and Dean being born. You had sex with April? A couple of days before Valentines Day, two valentines devour each other. Fan Fiction Episode 5.

Sep 27 What human myth has mistaken for ‘Cupid’ is actually a lower order of angel. Re-winged, Cas calls Dean to fill him in on Malachi and Ezekiel.

Planning to buy plaid shirts at the moment. Bolehland,Nation of can-or-nauts and hypocrites.

Not even with sex. Top 25 Supernatural Moments. I think they are.

Supernatural – Season 10

I bet girls love him a lot too. They go after her, unaware that Cole is still on Dean’s trail.

Well, have you even tried to stop it? Oct 30 On TV Airs Tue. May 5 Sep 13 So CW is rewinding episode 1 until season 10 ready? Does anyone here know where to download or watch supernatural online? After that we can quickly discuss the series on the same day too and spoil it to everyone else.


The fillers getting really boring or repetitive already.

Meanwhile, Crowley decides what to about his mother. The most complicated procedure in the entire series IMG: Zeke isn’t Ezekiel at all, since Cas found out that Ezekiel actually died along with a bunch of other angels during The Fall.

My Bloody Valentine

Feb 28 At the motel, Sam and Dean open the briefcase which is full of white light. Renewed for next season. Retrieved from ” sseason I can see how broken you are, how defeated.

Obviously he screwed that up with the whole Original Sin thing, so God imprisoned him.


You mean the little flying fat kid in diapers? Oct 10 Meanwhile, Sam escapes from Cole and deason to his hunt for his brother, and Hannah tries to make a deal with Metatron to save Castiel’s life. I mean, these two started eating a- and they just This post has been edited by MatchesMalone: SPN needs more hotties!