Shelby and Adam have six-year-old twin boys called Jacob and Joshua and a three-year-old girl called Jayden. The McKinney Family []. Moya and Duncan have a seventeen-year-old girl called Leah and an eleven-year-old girl called Madison. The Colier Family []. Jenny’s parenting style tends to be inattentive, while Grandma is the most regimented, being an ex-schoolteacher. Gina and David have a sixteen-year-old girl called Cally, a fourteen-year-old boy called Casey, a ten-year-old boy called Corey and a nine-year-old girl called Carli.

Extreme Parenting Guidance series 1 “. The Goins Family [82]. Reese has tremendous separation anxiety whenever John leaves the house and actually endangers herself by running pell-mell towards the street when he departs. Teri and Brian have a fourteen-year-old girl called Jessica, an eleven-year-old girl called Alexi and a seven-year-old boy called Dylan. Meanwhile, Hadyn and Callum never get any time with their mother, and are often blamed for Erin and Orla’s mess. Natalie and Martin have a seven-year-old girl, Bethany, a six-year-old boy, Tyler, a five-year-old girl, Lori, and a four-year-old girl, Tia.

Supernanny US – The Atkinson Family

The Griswold Family []. Most of the children curse despite their young ages. The Keilen Family [61]. Matthew whinges, whines and moans to get his own way, and is molly cuddled by Trisha with pacifiers and hugs. The Bowersock Family [72].

The Colier Family []. Milton KeynesSupernnanny. Lorraine and Michael have a nine-year-old boy called Ryan, a four-year-old boy called Logan and a two-year-old boy called Kade. The Sacco Family [].

Supernanny Season 7 Episode 1 Full

All but one of the children are misbehaving, while Mum and Dad are at loggerheads over different parenting styles. Corinne and Chris have a five-year-old boy called Oliver, a three-year-old boy called Thomas and a one-year-old girl called Jodie. Fanci and Greg have a five-year-old boy called Ryan and a three-year-old boy called Jonathan.


Brandon’s food phobia makes him avoid any food except chips and junk food.

The Citarella Family []. Denise and John have a fifteen-year-old girl called Mariah, who was born with severe cerebral palsya thirteen-year-old girl called Taylor, a six-year-old girl called Isabella “Bella” and a four-year-old girl called Samantha “Sam”.

Bryce, Jen, Brycie 6, Rylan 2.

Familu Jo Frost help? Shannon is 7 going on 17, with disobedience and backtalk toward her mother. The Latest from our Partners Savings Alert: Rosemary and Jeff have a seven-year-old boy called Trevor and a four-year-old boy called Travis. The Marko Family []. Hayley and Merrill have a nine-year-old girl, Maddison, and a seven-year-old boy, Harry. More on AOL Entertainment: The Young Family [].

Supernanny US – The Atkinson Family – video dailymotion

Eldest daughter Casey has given up on time with Mum, while Tara just yells at her kids. Elizabeth and Bob have a four-year-old girl called Kate, and three-year-old twin boys called Teddy and Nicholas. Jo observes that the parents are coddling the children, being inconsistent about rules and parenting the children differently from each other.

When ET reached out to D. Tami and Shaun have a six-year-old girl called Haeley, four-year-old twin girls called Maile and Malia and a one-year-old boy called Leighton. Even with her mother, Iris’ full time help, Michelle is completely lost. The Orm Family [47]. Donna has an eleven-year-old boy called Blake, an eight-year-old boy called Cole, a three-year-old boy called Aiden and a one-year-old girl called Stephanie. Shannon and Shawn have four-year-old twin boys called Brandon and Bryce and a two-year-old girl called Brenna.

While the incident takes place behind closed doors, there is audio of what appears to be 9-year-old Marcus Spivey sobbing after walking into a bedroom with his father, Chris, who seemed to be holding a belt. The Demott Family [].


“Supernanny” Atkinson Family (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The Swanson Family [75]. The Drake Family [87]. Jessica and Kevin have a six-year-old girl called Emma and a three-year-old boy called Dylan.

Michelle and Sindo have a nine-year-old boy called Sindo, a seven-year-old girl called Ashley and a six-year-old boy called Mikey. Wendy has a ten-year-old girl, Marie, a nine-year-old girl, Amie, and a seven-year-old girl, Mary-Anne.

Stay in the loop! Debra and Tracy seven-year-old fraternal twins called Payton and Sophia and four-year-old fraternal twins called Parker and Sydney. Asli and Peter have a five-year-old tne called Layla, a two-year-old girl called Melissa and a six-month-old boy called Aiden.

Marla and Jerald have a twelve-year-old girl called Desiree, a five-year-old boy called Elias and a three-year-old boy called Eulisis “Shorty”. The Schrage Eisode []. The twins regularly throw violent tantrums and swear, but are well behaved at school. Meanwhile, Hadyn and Callum never get any time with their mother, and are often blamed for Erin and Orla’s mess. George and Freddie fight and are atkinsn toward Claire, while Amelia is becoming more and more aggressive.

George and Nicole are now less aggressive toward their parents than two years ago.