Series 1 Episode 3. Monochromatic Pictures Post Production: For this promo we decided to get the ‘testimonials’ right from the source – the kids themselves! Just that this is not cartoon. Not that I don’t watch them, guilty as charged! God willing the following year there will be another one, and you can flock in with your groupies and have a shopping trip there. Video courtesy of Monochromatic Pictures.

But we got to start stimulating our mind with creativity and something different. Video courtesy of Monochromatic Pictures. Better yet, when superheroes are involved. This video features Art Teacher – Ms Jess; whose love for art and for creating art is conveyed to her students. Series 1 Episode 4. Yes, I’m the 90’s generation and I won’t deny we Singaporeans need a dose of endorphins now and then because this is not really the land of smiles.

Just that this is not cartoon. Monochromatic Pictures Created by: Also, be sure you have enough credit limit!

This video features Principal of Spectra Secondary – Mr Aravinthan; and his passion in education and how he leads his school. In their candid sharing, the advocates in this documentary seek to bring issues of mental illness into the light and hopefully get us talking about this important issue.


Unusual for a series that only ran 30 minutes per episode, Super Force debuted with a two-hour TV pilot film. Epsode is one of several spots and across different platforms like TV, Cinema and Web. Episode 3 – Duration: As a mental health advocate, she offers insights into an illness for which there is no known cause. Skippers’ Peril – Episode 1. Where do these jewelers get their ideas from? Video courtesy of Monochromatic Pictures. Now Superman, a product of a mishap, came into my super4otce.

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Only with 10 episodes, you’ll follow the lives of 4 misfits who receives super powers after a freak Science Fair explosion. Broadcast on Mediacorp Channel 5 in Early this morning while having I was having breakfast and wonderful cup of Gryphon’s, I chanced upon this article on page 27 in The New Paper that features one of the lastest show in OKTO channel, Super4orce.

Skippers’ Peril – Episode 2. View the full list of Super Force episodes and seasons. Learn how to ask basic directions supet4orce not get lost in Madrid in this interactive video.

How often do you see locally produced Sci-Fi? Posted by Zulfadli Y.


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All that is powered by these 80 lines of code. How often do you see locally produced Sci-Fi? Published June 22, at Singapore Red Cross Creatives: Too many to name. Catch it online and on TV channels. Super Force was a syndicated American television series about astronaut Zach Stone.

Skippers’ Peril – Episode 3. Who doesn’t love Sci-Fi? Currently Viewing Activities For January 26, Super Task Force One: See the campaign Live here: Catch the full video on our channel.

Better yet, when superheroes are involved. Webisode Media Genreministry of education, principal, vignettes, profile vignettes, monochromatic shper4orce, ari, spectra secondary, educators, education, sportsman, hero shot, football, emotive. Or go to link: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Super4orce episode 3

Saturday, October 20, Singapore JewelFest Chef Tareq Taylor and Sarah B. And Super4orce is probably it. Super Force TV Series: Monochromatic Pictures Prod Co: Developed and Produced by Monochromatic Pictures.