City of Evil Korean Drama. And so, with a grim determination, he rises and walks out to face his nemesis. What SKKS did to me is to get me interested to learn Korean language I am very impatient to wait for recaps and to seek more information about Joseon era try to imagine myself live there during that time. Thumping Spike 2 Korean Drama. Outside, Yong-ha finds Jae-shin standing all by himself and figures out instantly what must have happened. Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast. Yong-ha turns to look at In-soo, his eyes the size of saucers. Her Granddaughter Japanese Movie.

Park Min Young confirm to join this drama. I’m Korean, but I was born in this century. Love at First Hate Thai Drama. He sends Soon-dol out as a decoy while he and Yoon-hee rush in to save the big hero from his daddy issues. He motions to the guards to search his room but what they find soon wipes the smirk off his face. The Movie Japanese Movie. Love for Beginners Japanese Movie. He walks out without a word, leaving Jae-shin clutching his heart in tears.

Thank you for the news and picture updates Yoochun looks cute wearing hanbok btw Cinderella and the Four Knights Korean Drama.

WE HAVE SUBS!!! – sungkyunkwan scandal spazzing community

Reply Korean Drama. My Rainy Days Japanese Movie. The Movie Japanese Movie. Along comes In-soo and his groupies to stir up trouble. Faced with this sanguine response, the King asks him if he resents him for coming in between them.


Does everyone with Moon blood have to be a badass? Just You Taiwanese Drama. With Soon-dol acting as a decoy, Yong-ha manages to fool the guards and break into the storeroom where Scanfal is being held captive.

In-soo sits at home, brooding over his impending loss of status…that is until his sister arrives home, mouthing off about her shock that Kim Yoon-shik…is a girl. This is a great episode, although it could have just been called daddy issue galore. Miracle in Cell No. Add and Subtract Game. Song Joong Ki Main Cast.

Notice how he has given Gu Yong Ha too many chances. Yoon-hee blocks his path just as our noble idiot is about to offer himself up as a sacrificial lamb yet again. Dream High 2 Korean Drama. City of Evil Korean Drama. Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie. My Little Bride Korean Movie.

Dear girlfriday, hope tht I’m not imposing too much. They were simply awesome and i’ll never forget this cast.

Peach Girl Japanese Movie. Yoo Ah In Main Cast. Maundy Thursday Korean Movie. Partners for Justice Korean Episoee. Thank you so much Girlfriday for this recap. Code Blue Japanese Drama. Unless the real Hong Byuk Seo is caught, Seon-joon may have sungkyunkwwn shoulder the price for being an outlaw. The Thieves Korean Movie. Missing You Korean Drama. I’ll be sad when I finish like most others since I stopped and am waiting until all subs are out. Rurouni Kenshin Japanese Movie.


Eleven11 November 10, at 9: We Broke Up Korean Drama.

Episode 20

But more so, Yong Ha. Would love to use that line someday. Don’t Click Korean Movie. The Ambitious Boss Thai Drama. Beyond the Clouds Korean Drama. Park Kimchidramz Main Cast. Unfortunately because the Drama Gods are out to spite him, his father turns up and promptly orders the guards to haul Seon-joon away. I enjoyed and appreciate it very much.

Full House Thai Drama. How long was he planning to keep up the charade with his fancy clothes? Good way to get it through his thick heroic skull. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Master of Study Korean Drama. To quote the lyrics of a certain Rick Astley song: I want more than bromance dammit!!! Yoon-hee searches the shrine, but comes up empty handed. Link to the post is HERE. I think he recognises that he needs Yong Ha but thinks it is because that will give him power n a thinking partner.

He grabs In-soo by the arm, and reminds him that all the students are looking on.