Ahluwalia to find Charu’s killer. They get back together and live happily ever after. The contestant refused the offer and revealed Chlormint in his case. Kashish marries Sujal to seek revenge because she thinks Sujal killed Piyush. Favourite Bhai – Rishi. Ghazal Rai as Cadet Pooja Ghai.

No one believes him any more and he is kicked out of the house. Her father tells her to go to the police and confess that her car crashed into someone’s. Safiyah now cannot even go back soo she accepts to live a life worse then hell as Mrs. The first season of the show featured some well-known personalities like veteran actors Yusuf Hussain and Rupa Ganguly, former cricketer Vinod Kambli, television actors Raja Chaudhary and Urvashi Dholakia, actor and well known model Vimarsh Roshan, as well as transsexuals Bobby Darling and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. He also tries to defeat Piyush in his attempt to win Kashish, but this only brings Kashish and Piyush closer to each other. Season 2 is about 7 cadets, again like season 1, join KMA.

He sweeps you off your feet with his million-dollar smile, innocent eyes and “ready to take home to mummy” image.

Rajeev Khandelwal: January

The show is based on the same format as The Moment of Truth. Kashish, over the course of time, comes to love Piyush. She follows the path that is to be her destiny and comes to question all the beliefs she ever stood for.

At the end of most episodes of series 3, Rajeev ended by saying, dramz Smiling! I’ve also heard that Lahore and Karachi people are very welcoming soo i personally want to visit Karachi and Lahore. The final level has only one question, with the truthful answer fetching the maximum prize money of Rs.


The Prime minister will stick to his programme.

Format Indian Soap Opera. Besides, the story portrays the love of Indian youth of today toward their country.

Her mother gets mad because of the sadma. The story revolves around Eagle, a national enemy. Harshad Chopra as Cadet Ali Baig. Rahul Bhatt – Sameer. Kashish also falls in love with the character of Tushar, but denies her feelings. There are also some non-celebrity contestants, such as Smita Mathai, who was the show’s first participant.

Safiyah now cannot even go back soo she accepts to live a life worse then hell as Mrs. Indian actors but Humayun Saeed comes up with something very challenging leaving behind others. Charu is killed under mysterious circumstances. Though it was not a hit he was enriched with a great experience and shared the frame with some great television artistes like Rohini Hattangadi and Smriti Malhotra.

Season 2 is about 7 cadets, again like season 1, join KMA. After a few days Rishi and Mahek marry and they fall in love again. Mouli Kashish’s sister and Siddharth Mr. In this series, when the contestant picked a case, the contestant that held the case could guess the amount in it. Sun Leyna is not a fake serial.

Kashish gets the job anyway but is nervous.

Sun leyna episode 1 (FICTION DRAMA) – Rajeev khandelwal – Aamna Sharif & Imran abbas

Rishi Sujal’s spoilt younger brother comes into Sujal’s office and sees the letter. The Thakur, who is a deadly vampire, then moves to Mumbai and unleashes a reign of terror.


Ahluwalia, and her father.

Prior to appearing on the actual show, contestants leyns asked 50 questions while being hooked up to a polygraph machine. Still clueless that it was Sujal’s car, Kashish goes for a job interview to Sujal’s office. This creates additional pressures for the security agencies. I wish them all the very best for their future. They have to protect the Prime minister of Episodr from the unknown assassins, simultaneously they have to try and stop the terrorists from carrying out their plans to destabilize the world.

Arjun Lehna as Cadet Alekh Sharma. After the second series, Snu Bedi quit, citing time constraints as the reason for her departure. Many Pakistani Producers are signing Indian actors for their serials. But my role in Sun Leyna can be proved more lucky for me as i have the lead role in it,and i wish to not only work with Humayun Saeed but with other Pakistani directors too.

He also does not want to copy any actor, howsoever successful he may be. She decides to stay quiet to prevent embarrassment and humiliation of her family. But suddenly Piyush dies in a car accident. Does Aamir choose to be a follower or does he rise to become a leader?