You can also explore a limited amount of Internet video. WIIMC can then be set up to play those streams using http. This process is embedded in the revised streamvideo. Retrieved from ” https: Or maybe you want to try out classic games that You can switch subtitles and audio with d-pad up and down here as well! Read More before you can do anything. June 22, at

Popular Tags Advanced Search. All times are GMT Might have a use for that Wii after all. This little tutorial will show you how to setup file sharing and enable video streaming to the wii. WiiMC’s core MPlayer requires a scratch area. By now i have tried everything and feel very frustrated. The most recent hack, which has been working for a year now,

Here are the best emulators on the Wii.

[Q] android to wii streaming? | Android Development and Hacking

I like this a lot better. You can play any file you want, but notice you need to be in video mode to play video, omvies mode to play audio and picture mode to open pictures. June 25, at 1: Pics work tried the shares UNC parth but nothing The video was faulty. Read More before you can do anything.


I use PS3 for my media center. The SD thing is a serious limitation; no way around it.

This guide assumes you have already enabled homebrew on your Wii console and installed the homebrew channel. This page was last edited on 8 Januaryat Did you test dvd with subtitles?

What you will need: Listen to music and watch videos from your computer on your TV, or browse a bit of the best the web has to offer using your Wiimote.

Which is the Best Portable Nintendo? It can be any folder location as long as that folder contains the videos you wish to stream. I’ll keep this in mind for later on.

How to Turn Your Wii Into a Media Center With WiiMC

Check out the Forumyour answer may be there. Update your Wii to 4. Tried getting it to work just now to no avail Stickied btw. Please be aware that it’s possible no-one will have an answer to your question. Start by reading all of the documentation – the answer you’re looking for might be there.

Can WIIMC Stream Movies From A Website?

June 7, at 5: I used the VLC 1. I see on checking the bat in the VLC command in section: One more use for the Wii.


June 11, at 5: Do you want to add your network folder? Subscribe to our Daily Digest! So i installed this just fine. This little piece of software features a simple interface that works great with the Wiimote, and it moviee play almost any file you throw at it.

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YouTube is here, complete with search but sadly lacking subscriptions, and NaviX provides access to almost any TV show or movie. This is pretty dope. Report them as you find them and Enjoy! Community Hackmii Other sites. You need to insert pause statements in the bat to find the last statement that displays without closing. June 23, at atream Stay informed by joining our newsletter! What Should You Buy?