I can carry this task out with a simple click of a button… and you can too! This is definitely something I could not live without! This game allows several opportunities to talk about triggers and how to overcome them. I use this book because my younger elementary kids get very engaged. Self-Control Thumball Thumballs are so fun for kids… so I feel like they are a win-win. Ethics and Law by Caroline Stone I use this book as a resource to look up ethical questions. Sandtray Sandtray can be very eye opening fora child… or even an adult!

I have the students do one-step directions while I am teaching them how to play… for example, I tell them what we are doing, then I have them stand in a quiet line. I also like to use short clips for conversation starters. So, check out your local universities or professional development in your area to get more training on this. There are also dance videos my students like to do after completing a lesson. You might be thinking why did you go with a name-brand? I am trying to decide what to use the leftover on!

These are the Tubs of Playdough I use. We pull up the app, find the kids playlist and I let the student pick which one to do. I can use them in so many ways, but one of my favorite is when students give tours of our building to adults.


Stop The Drama 4 Inch Thumball Ball Interactive Group Building Toy | eBay

Planner This is hands-down, one of the most important things I have! So, my suggestion here, is if you have a small library of resources, try to grow it by expanding your books based on situation.

They ask to play it all the time! This is a quick and easy medium to get kids to calm down, express their feelings, and transition back to class. Then, just start buying tne ones.

They are navy and white stripped and actually meant to be used by the pool… you know, rhumball have the linen-type fabric. These bins are cute and makes it easy to grab the file I need before I go teach.


I would love for you to share! Kids like to use those on the white board to express their feelings through play.

I need leggings in my counseling program to help rdama succeed! This entertaining game transforms a game of catch into a stimulating conversation, group ice-breaker, or effective communication tool.

Joyce Gives the Best High Fives! So, these lanyards will help me keep track visually who needs to come with me in the lunch line! I have a parent library with books for them to check out on each habit. Each panel has a different word, graphic, or photo. Stop the Drama Thumball can be used in a classroom for a bulling lesson, conflict resolution, small-group or even one-on-one! Contact Paper Last year I used this cute turquoise chevron contact paper to redo my file cabinets Pinterest find!

Flats This is another go-to from my closet when I get ready te work. For my counseling director paperwork, this makes it very simple because I put all my documents in their and share it will all stakeholders in one click! Best, Worst, First Thumball: Youtube Videos When I need stip little extra in my lesson, I can usually find a catchy video to use as an intro to my lessons. Anyway, I liked that because I can unzip the cover and take it home to wash it.

There tumball times when a situation comes up thkmball I need feedback and consultation of what to do next. I have a thumhall folder for K-4th so 5 different files to house their different lessons. Define the word, answer the question, act out the emotion I am pretty sure there is a book for every situation!

Your email address will not be published. Thumballs are a soft, stuffed ball that is safe for indoor use. I even like to buy the business card ones for organizing brag tags and reward systems. You want the game to be beneficial for the students you are working with.


I am teaching the information and they are having fun at the same time. It helps me keep on track throughout the day and I can record all my data right there on my calendar. You can see the ethics book here!

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Ethics and Law by Caroline Stone I use this book as a resource to look up ethical questions. I find it the most beneficial to use the big tubs of play dough and divide it up into smaller portions.

We can use puppets for role-playing or for telling a story.

This will show different aspects of relationships and how the students see themselves in relation to their families. Overall, on most days, I wear my flats!

The Leader in Sotp Books I have so many of these books and they are all wonderful! Check out my post on my classroom lessons… there are TONS of book ideas here! If you have ever been in a classroom with 30 kids on the carpet… clipboards become a must! The self-control thumball can be used in a classroom lesson, small-group or with an individual student.

Stop the Drama Thumball

I also use this in my anger small-groups. Between garage sales and my own kids closets, I find lots of things to use for play therapy. I have the students do one-step directions while I am teaching them how to play… for example, I tell them what we are doing, then I have them stand in a quiet line.

They are also huge so kids are excited to come sit on them. We area fhumball technology school, so most lessons I teach have technology components.