So you have to deal with this funny and sometimes even irritating acting. The script is unsophisticated and dull, with very little actually happening that might measure up to the historical siege of the benighted city. We get some aerial views of the banks of the Volga and the VFX period-recreated city damaged and on fire, which is very satisfying. Seriously, why is almost every scene in this movie using slow motion? The defenders of Stalingrad were courageous real people but this belittles them as two dimensional action heroes. The visuals also are truly some of the best I have ever seen. Others have mentioned that Panzer IV tanks of didn’t have the protective metal skirts shown in the movie, but to me that is nit-picking. Oh, and they’re superhuman, as well.

The Russians all fall for the same girl, Katya, who is the only civilian survivor in the house. I kept reading reviews that compared the love story aspect of it to Titanic, so I was expecting an over the top love story with a little bit of Stalingrad mixed in. Worth thirty bucks in 3D for two people? I love historical movies! There is no movie here. For me, the VFX team saved the day. Here, it robs the battle scenes of the intensity most war movies get right.

And from there a love and revenge takes place. Avoid this rubbish and stick to the original German version which is ten times better.

Killing comrade from OTHER division for his thoughts about taking some action instead of sitting stalinggado also very strange behavior as it would get the killer to war court. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

Fedor Bondarchuk’s bloody battle epic celebrates the excesses of war cinema far more effectively than it does the heroism of his countrymen. Looks like the Bear is done sttreaming.


Is it supposed to be documentary? I’ve seen a couple reviews that say the film does too much to humanize the Nazi beasts.

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Why would you make such a lame movie with such an interesting story-and a lot of historical facts from which an interesting story could have been made. Would have expected Fedor Bondarchuk to come up with something much more substantial, taking into consideration the topic The Germans are all fairly one dimensional bad guys while the Russians are a little more redeemable but most of their back story always comes in the form of narration and not in their actual actions or dialogue.

They also set up the characters so badly, I could scarcely remember anyone’s name and didn’t care about any of them.

For me, the VFX team saved the day. The German Brigade Commander is shown perpetually attended by lackeys who wash and shave him. This film is strictly for viewers who enjoy a mindless two hours of enjoyment, for others, they may want to look elsewhere for a more accurate, better detailed version of the events during the Battle of Stalingrad. But on the minus side: The Germans are all beastly underlined by the atrocities they commit on screen against the surprisingly large number of Russian civilians living in the middle of the battlefield.

In terms of scale the film does not give the answer at least about one local engagement in Stalingrad in WW2, especially if take into account that there were a lot of such events.

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In the present days, a Russian rescue team is saving lives in Japan after a tsunami. RichardvonLust 5 January This movie deserves better than a 5. Oh, and they’re superhuman, as well.

After barely surviving a battle with a mysterious, ghostly-white Tiger tank, Red Army Sergeant Ivan Naydenov becomes obsessed with its destruction. Manfred Rohleder ‘Rollo’ Sebastian Rudolph This one was stallngrado. Natashka Anna von Haebler It also noteworthy that the film concentrates on the German soldiers only and hardly shows anything on the Russian side.


This is probably the worst movie about the decisive and bloodiest battle during the sstreaming of the second world war – the battle which actually allowed the Russians in Allied forces were nowhere staoingrado be seen yet to stop and reverse the German offensive.

I mean this might as well have taken place in Kharkov or Rostov, save for the shots of the river, it really could have been anywhere, but we’re reminded its Stalingrad because of some statues.

Movies about Russian heroic resistance could be made only by Russians themselves. Some could find it propaganda, but having experienced in documentary literature and movies about Stalingrad siege and defense, for me the movie shows the real status of the war with modern cinema weapons! Kapitan Gromov Thomas Kretschmann The spoiler is that is sucked.

Technical side of the movie is done very very well. The movie wasn’t really about Stalingrad either but about this hastily put together group of soldiers defending some random building in Stalingrad.

Perevod rechi premer-ministra Yaponii chitaet voice Petar Zekavica Stalingrad is far from a perfect dtreaming film, but it does add up to an overall gratifying visual experience.

I barely can say it’s a movie about Stalingrad as the whole War Action. It seems there are biases against foreign films, perhaps rooted in the cold war.