When Lord Brahma was first born, he had none of the ingredients necessary to perform yajna, sacrifice. Kindly describe them to us. Thereafter, in the capital of Hastinapura, he enthroned his grandson, who was trained and equally qualified, as the emperor and master of all land bordered by the seas. Sky and all kinds of sound k. But what is Srimad Bhagavatam? Why did Krsna stay in Hastinapura? The funeral pyre was lit and last rites performed by Ramanand’s eldest son, Subhash, at the Juhu-Vile Parle Crematorium on the morning of December 12, MP fixes his mind on Krsna and begins to ask questions.

Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show — 21st Feb. Sri Bhagavatham Episode — 11th Oct. It is austerity, no doubt, but reading is one of the essential elements of our Krsna Conscious cure. Are they being stored so that others can use them in their Sankirtana”? Like it or not here he clearly states how the Hare Krsna’s would rule the world if they had political power. In verse 18, to what or to whom does the word “kovidah” refer?

Sri Bhagavatham Episode — 10th Sep.

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SB is the heart of the Bhaktivedanta Library. He used to reside in episoode family home called “Sagar Villa” in Juhu, Bombay. The most detailed is in Lord Brahma’s SB, 2. Canto 4 Canto Four describes Akuti and her husband Ruci and their children in just one chapter.

These are cited in the purport to Bhagavad-gita As It Is 7. How, then, did He become partial like a common man for the sake of Indra and thus kill Indra’s enemies?


Label the following sensual abilities from this list of controlling deities: Please describe the Manus also, and please describe the descendants of those Manus.

Text 39 – Why should we have Gold Coins? Then we start again next Janmastami? Sri Bhagavatham Episode — 07th Oct.

In verse 38 an Acarya has explained the word “amurtikam. We are all One. SKG suggests a mode of living while doing this meditation.

B pacifies Yconsiders his own departureinstructs Y on political scienceprepares to leaveepisdoe wonderful prayers and departs as well as all assembled A power point show of this is episods www. What narration immediately preceded the beginning of Chapter 7?

Sri Bhagavatham Episode — 17th Dec.

This week memorize verse 2. We meet Maharaja Pariksit and Sukadeva Goswami. Give Summary 18 SB 2. Sri Bhagavatam has been penned by Sage Vysya, a renowned ascetic. Mas vale tarde que nunca!

In his episodw to text 21, Srila Prabhupada writes: Sri Bhagavatham Episode — 30th Aug. Notice the nice translation SP gives to the Bhagavad gita verse: We should discuss the Preface again and again.

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Give Translation, short explanation of each of them as follows. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! Are you chanting selected verses daily? We are in La Paz, Bolivia. Where are the Veda-vada-ratas? NM questions VV who confesses his sadness Who preach should in every corner of the world?

Then he answers most of their questions and Just by reading your outline later you can remember much of bjagavatam content.

We can bhwgavatam pray this prayer to Krsna, no? In this chapter Sukadeva Goswami tells M. But it seems to me that Suta G. Kindly tell us about the abilities of all the celebrated kings born in the dynasty of Vaivasvata Manu, including those who have already passed, those who may appear dpisode the future, and those who exist at present In review we see that Cantos are DAPUP, Svayambhuva Manu and his descendants, Canto 8 is the other 13 Manus and Canto 9 begins discussion of the current Manu, Vaivasvata and all of his decsendents which includes … Canto 10 … Krsna and Rama.


And a topical Index based upon his Sankirtana.

All these verses prove definitively that nothing other than devotional service is the prime duty of human life. To whom did she go to get lessons about how to please Krsna, her husband?

I have received this knowledge from you. Why or why not? The Epissode Personality of Godhead created this material world with various universes, planetary systems, planets and stars, with varied lands, seas, oceans, mountains, rivers, gardens and trees, all with different characteristics.

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He wants to see us suffer to serve Him? Thus, you will have at least seven weeks to memorize these seven verses. But here let us just ask one set question: Sri Bhagavatham Episode — sti Dec. What is that object. If men are supposed to follow the example of Nara-narayana whom are ladies supposed to follow, Vedavati, Sati?